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Author Topic: Gladiator Discipline - Doctore's wrath!  

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Germanicus Trenticus (trentsheldon):  dragged out towards the whipping post the guards pause as they wait for the other guards to bring Thraex and await Doctor's words it seems
 Tempest (taurengurl):  looks at Vector and shakes her head. She would look down, hiding her face in her hair so no one could see the impending tears. She mumbled some excuse and turned her back, taking a deep breath and searching through her head for items she would need. After compiling a list, she would shout to a house slave to get them for her that was up on the balcony..
 Taurus (thraex.orsini):  offers no resistance when he's dragged from the cell, and out into the bright sunlight again, the guards laughing when the two gladiators look at each other in a way that makes it clear their feud is far from over....they like nothing better than taking bets on which of two such fighter will die first, either by each other's hand, or on the orders of the lanista
Vector (dadeharper):  noticed Silver standing on the balcony and looked to her , a look that seemed to say we need to talk
 Amun (remy.netizen):  sees the guards drag the fighters out enjoying the moment of power to handle them more roughly than otherwise permitted. The doctores cold gaze focusing on the medicus, seeing what looked like possible tears before he utters his own words. 'You should be pleased to see the enemies of Rome being subjugated and treated how they deserve' each word intended to dig in like a knife, before he gives another order to the guards to force each fighter to one knee, and chains to be shorted from wrist to ankle, in a way again that is reminiscent of how mine slaves were about to be executed. 'Gladiators attend!' he roars causing a stop to the training and for all to watch on and see the punishment that was about to be dished out.
 Vector (dadeharper) stopped his eyes turn to the Doctore and he waited for the mans next words
Tempest (taurengurl):  turned her head and glared at Amun. Had he seen her? Probably not. She refused to let a single tear obviously show, at least not to the Doctore. She would now allow him to get to her. "Yes well Doctore, I'm not a sadistic bastard." She snapped back. She looked about to say something else, but it seemed like a low blow, even for her so she choked it in.
Germanicus Trenticus (trentsheldon): feels himself being pushed down forceably by the guards. He takes a few deep breaths as he braces himself for the sting of Doctore's whip
 Lance (lance.rodex):  steps on the sands reluctantly, his eyes distant, cold, his own marks barely healed, if he could have found a way out of witnessing this, he would have, since he can't, he plays with the small amount of cannabis he managed to knick from the medic's room, as a comfort for later on.
Taurus (thraex.orsini):  doesn't look up at the balcony, for he has no wish to see either anger, or pain in Silver's eyes should she be there. Forced to the ground by the guards, he has no choice but to wait for the inevitable agony to follow
Amun (remy.netizen):  lesson...one that you will both remember...' The whip raised and pointed at the others in a sweeping gesture. 'one that you will *all* learn from'
Amun (remy.netizen):  moves towards her his voice in a lower whisper, but those like vector who were standing next to her would also hear. 'I am what Rome has made me' Moving past her now he heads to one of the guards who hands him another whip this one different from the doctores own. It's falls laced with jagged knots, ones that were made to strip skin from back, and cause far more pain that that of the doctores weapon. 'These two mongrels would rather tear throat from each other here than face the arena....they would rather injure the lanistas stock and fight like rats, than follow the laws of this ludus' He moves back towards the fighters now, the whip left to hang from his fist, so they could both see that it was the same whip that was used to force slaves to work in the mines or to die under it's kiss. 'I have already given one lesson on the back of lance as to what will happen if you dare lay hand on each other without the lanistas permission and yet you ignorant dogs would do it again, and so I make another
Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  swallows past the lump in her throat as she sees the Gladiators kneeling on the sand, the Doctore's whip licking at them.
Lance (lance.rodex):  gasps when he sees the whip, he opens his mouth to say something, his gaze flies to the medic, the words "You can't...." escape his lips before he manages to control himself, his fists are clenched as he swallows the rest of his words, then he snarls under his breath "Like this is looking after ludus property", his toes digging into the sand.
Germanicus Trenticus (trentsheldon):  eyes the whip in Doctore's hand. It was unlike the whip used on his back the first time. He knows this one is going to cut into their skin and braces himself
Tempest (taurengurl):  looks over at Lance, pain obvious on her face. "There is nothing I can do but light incense, pray, and heal their wounds." But the least she could do was not watch. She would look up at the balcony at Silver and gesture towards her. "I might need an assistant." She told the slave. She didn't order Silver to come down, but left it open should she chose to. Then the MEdicus would turn and start walking into her office. "Lance, bring them in when he's done."
Taurus (thraex.orsini):  looks at the whip, and hsi eyes widen in surprise, he had not expected that the fight would go unpunished, but the wounds a mine overseer's whip are likely to inflict will not heal quickly. He glances over to Trenticus, wondering if the man is aware of what he's about to suffer
Vector (dadeharper):  silently looks on he approves mentally of what the doctore has to do , he is more than glad that he and Lance did not suffer the same fate
Amun (remy.netizen):  what was ultimately Roman justice.
Amun (remy.netizen):  knows the lesson about to meted out would be a hard one, and one that would leave scars on both men for the rest of his days, but the point had to be made that to strike another fighter in this ludus was tantamount to taking coin from the lanista's pocket, and while he could not cut hand off for theft, he would see a reminder etched into their flesh that would serve not only those that bore the pain of it, but all who looked upon them. 'You wish to fight like dogs.. you wish to be disobedient...then you wish to end your days in the Gortenya mines, and i will let you have a taste of what is to come should you continue down the path you have set yourselves on' The way the fighters were positioned enabling more downward force on the whip. It was no intended mercy that either fighter could hide their faces and their pain, but more important that their backs be made to face the other gladiators so they could see the lesson for themselves. He watches the medicus leave, surprised that she would not want to see
Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  hears the Medicus, "Ye..yes Era," she says softly, and turns to head to the Ludus, the sight of Thraex kneeling shackled on the sand seared into her memory.
Germanicus Trenticus (trentsheldon):  despite his usual bravado he feels his stomache knotting up as Doctore moves behind them with the whip. He says a silent prayer asking for strength to andure what is about to be unleashed
Lance (lance.rodex):  points over his shoulder and offers "I should go help the medicus prepare", that was not entirely true, but maybe close enough to get him the hell from the sands, he knows what the whip will cause, he takes a deep breath, mustering all his courage, then he says in a clear voice "That whip will put both out for maybe weeks, weaken their built up muscle, they will basically have to start all over again. For the purpose of educating us all, please explain how that is in the lanista's best interest".
Taurus (thraex.orsini):  looks down, and waits for the agony to begin, with the brand on his back barely healed, he has no doubt that he will be carrying more scars by the time Doctore is through
Amun (remy.netizen):  moves behind the fighters, keeping in the middle that he could strike both, Intending alternate strikes that would see the heavy overseers whip bite hungrily into the backs of both fighters one after the other. The knots in the tail stripping layers of skin off with each snap. The anger that was always just bubbling under the service now being given an outlet, and the rage that he felt towards the thracian aiding strength to his arm. The weapon in his hand coming alive like a viper, snapping, biting and tearing into the muscled back of both, and the shortened chains at the fighters wrists and ankles ensuring that the crouched position isn't an easy one to get out from. The first crack that echos off the walls brings many nightmares back for those that had the misfortune of seeing the mines where seeing beasts whipped to death were common place.
Vector (dadeharper):  was shocked in the way Lance spoke out towards the Doctore , thinking it was not in his best interest . he called over to him " Lance Medicus calls you "
Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  rounds the corner to the Medicus's office just as the Doctore begins to kiss their bared backs with the whip. Mesmerized and horrified, she freezes, watching the spectacle as their blood begins to run.
Tempest (taurengurl):  steps outside as she hears it begin. Looking at Silver, she quickly grabs the girl's arm and yanks her into the office.
Germanicus Trenticus (trentsheldon):  forces his gaze to look onto the sands as the whip suddenly cuts through his flesh. His lips part in a painful loud grunt at the first lash as he feels his skin split at the very first strike. His head snapping back at the second, painful groans soon change into screams of pain as his back feels the fury of the whip, his skin cut into over and over, his screams loud, almost deafening at the intencity of the whipping. Unlike the first whipping where his skin had not been split like this. Finally he loses balance, the world spins around him and he starts to sway heavily
Taurus (thraex.orsini):  hears Lance's clear voice, and almost looks round, the young Roman has courage even if the Gods have clearly taken all sense of caution from him. Any rational thought vanishes at the first strike of the whip, his body jerking against the chains as white hot agony seems to savage him like a tiger let loose in the arena...Trenticu's harsh groan echoing his own, as though they were brothers in pain at least
Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  looks at the Medicus, caught off guard by her question. Shaking her head from side to side, "I...I don't know who You are talking about Era," her voice giving the lie away easily.
Tempest (taurengurl):  sighs and reaches over to rest a hand on Silver's shoulder. "I need an assistant down here Silver, someone to look after the office when I'm not around. I only want women to do it, will you do it for me?"
Amun (remy.netizen):  pauses in the first rain of blows to seemingly adjust his grip on the overseers whip, but more to let the fighters cries of pain sink in to those watching. the lesson as much for them as for the two that were put through the agonies of a mine whip. 'You are stock of this ludus!' he roars unleashing another flurry of strikes. The whip in his hand expertly used, that it rises up in the air before coming down hard on muscled flesh, having only a second to grip before it is torn away taking flesh with it, and opening up welts that bleed quickly. The tail of the whip even pre-salted making sure to eat into the open wounds and cause more pain that should as intended force those to try and rise back to their feet and resume backbreaking work. 'yet you would see yourselves sold to the mines...is this what you want!' The lashing timed to each word that it could easily be drowned out by the cries of those it laid into. '...is this what you dogs would hunger for.. to spend...your...last...moments..under!'
Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  looks at her surprised, "Of...of course Era, but the Lanista..." as she wonders what Dominus will have to say about that. Not worrying about it now, "I have some practice with healing Era...I use to help my father's men," wanting the Medicus to know she had some skills.
Germanicus Trenticus (trentsheldon):  tries to break free and gets up under the onslought of the whip only to fall into a world of blackness, the force of the blows having caused him to break free from the grip of the guards, but soon he was enveloped by the blackness that had threatened to over come him
Sofia Boots (erika.eichel):  sure doesnt enjoy watching neither of the men getting a solid punishment by the Doctores whip. But she would be required to watch, as a lesson to them all. Each time the skin of the men is slip open, Abal twitches uneasy. While the scars faded by time, the memories of her childhood all too clear. She had however learned to behave over said years, and not been whipped herself since. Abal would glance to Lance and Vector briefly to watch their reaction.
Tempest (taurengurl):  nods. "I will speak with them about it. You would not be here all the time, just down here when you have no duties and I am not around or I am around and I need help."
Lance (lance.rodex):  visions becomes blurry, he struggles to blink some tears away before they roll down his cheecks, his chest is heaving, his breathing fast and shallow, betraying his anxiety, he has been in another ludus, he has seen slaves being handled when he was still living in Rome, but this is the harshest beating he has witnessed so far, the whip striking so harshly, the potential of cracked ribs enter his mind, he hopes the doctore will at least stop when one of his fellow gladiators passes out.
Taurus (thraex.orsini):  is barely aware of the ludus walls around him now, and thinks only of the revenge in his sister's name that will never come to pass if he should die under Roman whip. He Finally hasn't the strength to fight further, and he too falls to the sand
Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  smiles to the Medicus, but it only plays across her lips, never reaching her eyes. Filled with anxiety for the Gladiators, "Thank You Era....I appreciate it."
Amun (remy.netizen):  the exertion of the unforgiving and brutal whipping. 'get back to training'
Amun (remy.netizen):  keeps up the whipping until each fighter had taken at least two dozen vicious blows, and if anything he would have kept going when it came to the thracian. The anger and rage that even looking at the man made flood through him, pushed him to use every snap, every lash of the whip count that could very well have both men whipped to death on the sands. If anything trenticus suffering a much harsher punishment simply because of the man next to him. Even when the germanican finally slumps to the ground, followed closely by the thracian they are still made to feel the whip raining down on them, just at it would in the mines themselves, and the doctores distinctive egyptian voice still snarling and roaring at them. 'I swear to my gods you ignorant jackals...that if I have to take this lesson to one more of you...it shall be your last!' The bloodied whip finally thrown back to the guard that had procured it for him. 'Guards drag them to the medicus... and the rest of you...' His breath coming in pants now from
Tempest (taurengurl):  steps outside and rushes to the fallen men. "They're unconscious...thank Asclepius.." She said quietly, then turns and looks at Silver. "Start getting and warming me some water now! Find the house slave I told before to get me supplies and get the items from him. Go to my office, light my cannibus incense, and get me clean rags and a knife!" She ordered.
Vector (dadeharper):  hearing the Doctores order ,his eyes still fixed on the two bloodied men could barley brake his gaze
Germanicus Trenticus (trentsheldon):  blissfully did not feel the last blows dealt to him by Doctore's whip as he had already been surrounded in blackness. With no less than 2 dozen blows to their backs with the knotted whip, their flesh has ben thoroughly split open on their back
Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  steps out of the Medicus's office only to see both Thraex and Trenticus laying on the sands, their bodies a bloody mess. Hearing the Medicus barking orders to her, she snaps out of her frozen state and moves to do as instructed, pushing the image from her mind, knowing she is no use to Thraex if she cannot concetrate. "Yes Era!"
Sofia Boots (erika.eichel):  shifts uneasy from side to side as she watches yet more deep cuts carved into the backs of the men. Her arms wrap around herself tightly, face twitching with each snap of the whip onto flesh. As the onslaught of lashes goes on in what seems like forever, she starts fearing for the mens life really, she had seen one or two whipped to death during her stay at the mines. She snaps out of her stare and the memories, looking up to Amun as he addressed them. Replying quickly "Yes Doctore!". She hurries across the sand to take on one of the wooden dummies. Her eyes over her shoulder most of the time though, still watching as their Medicus comes out into the sand.
Amun (remy.netizen):  sees the medicus appear quickly getting aid to the fighters as quickly as possible. He had no doubt that she would save lives in the long run and may even possibly save the men from permanent injury, although he didn't doubt they would be left scarred by this lesson for the rest of their lives. Not something he would feel guilty for as the harsh lesson may indeed save another fighter a fate in the mines if he took to doing the same thing these two did earlier that day. 'I said get back to fucking training or you will find yourselves subject to another lesson!' However he took the opportunity to leave the sands knowing the fighters would need time to take in what they had just witnessed
Lance (lance.rodex):  steps closer, looking at the wounds, each knot in the whip had caused several with every lash, his shock pushed backwards for the moment, his expert eye examining the back, he simply states "They run the risk of bleeding out, stopping the haemorrhaging has to be stopped first before you can do anything else", he even snaps at a guard "Don't move them".
Taurus (thraex.orsini):  returns to some semblance of conciousness, and searing agony...the guards dragging him none to gently towards the Medicu's room. "Better patch you up so you can entertain in the arena Thracian," jeers one, "because I doubt your chances of earning coin for the lanista pleasuring noblewomen will be improve with a back that looks like its been chewed by a lion"
Tempest (taurengurl):  glares at the guards as they went to grab the man and drag them, back down, along the sand. "You will not!" She shouted. "You lazy bastards will pick these men up and CARRY them into my room!" She ordered and they did just that.
Germanicus Trenticus (trentsheldon) is lifted bodily by the guards and carried unconscious to the Medicus' office
Tempest (taurengurl):  glares at Lance. "Shut up!" She snaps as the men were moved. "stay out of my wayy."
Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  takes a deep breath as the guards bring the injured Men in, followed by the Medicus. With the water warmed, and more coming, the incense burning, she turns to the Medicus, trying not to look at Thraex's back, "What do You need me to do Era?"
Vector (dadeharper):  looked around the sands to all the Gladiators " remember what you have just witnessed , should you wish to disrespect this Ludus you will surely find your selfs to the same fate"
Tempest (taurengurl):  nods as they entered a presumably smoke filled haze of the Medicus's office. IF the incense was lit, she inspected the two men and sighed. "Give me the knife." She said, holding a hand out to take it. She would start with Taurus and begin cutting away some of the strips of flesh that were hanging off of him. "See what I am doing slave? "She asked, beckoning Silver over. "Do this same to the other. We can have hanging bits of flesh, they can get infected."
Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  watches, her mind switching to healing mode, seeing the wounds not the Men. handing the Medicus a knife, she watches carefully, and then shakes her head, not unfamiliar with the practice, "Yes Era, I can do this," her voice calm and confident.
Tempest (taurengurl):  nods and finishes up with Taurus before handing her the knife. "Here." She said and without looking went to the next phase of her work, cleaning. Going over to the several bowls of water she had brought it, she would add willow oil to each one, stir, and grabs several rags in which to clean with. Going back over to Taurus, she would set the bowl down and begin dabbing and cleaning the poor man's back. There was a lot of blood, but she was practiced enough to see past the mess and was already considering what to do next.
Taurus (thraex.orsini):  mercifully hovers between awareness, and oblivion as the lacerated flesh on his back is cut away by the Medicu's skilled, and sure hands. He imagines he hears Silver's voice..but then he also hears that of his sister, and other members of his dead family, so he knows his body and mind are reacting to the brutal punishment already, he starts shaking violently. his skin slick with sweat and cold in quick succession
Vector (dadeharper): looking around for a yard slave knowing it was time to eat , he wondered how hungry the others would be
Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  takes the knife from the Medicus and kneels next to Trenticus's cot. Carefully she begins to cut away the hanging flesh, being careful not to cut to deeply and inflect more damage. Getting lost in the task, she begins to speak to Trenticus, soothingly the way she would her Father's men after a battle, wanting to offer Him a small piece of comfort, but also hoping that Thraex would hear and know she was speaking to Him as well...
Sofia Boots: entered chat range (19.52 m).
Germanicus Trenticus (trentsheldon):  eyes flicker open slowly, to the scorching pain on his cut back. His body too now shaking with the sheer agony of his ripped flesh, his mind threatening to black out on him, he feels somone working on him. He groans in pain, sweat beads forming on his brows as his body shakes with pain riveting throughout.
Sofia Boots (erika.eichel):  didnt feel like eating now for sure. She is wise enough to go snatch up a piece of bread for later though. Then heads on back to the sands to do as Doctore said, practice! She focuses this time, giving the dummy hell with her dual wooden blades. Using her shins to kick the dummy too, leaving bruises on her once again. But pain and training at least cleared her mind off other issues.
Tempest (taurengurl):  mumbles and wanders over to the plate of hot coals she had brought down. setting a bowl of water on top, she would quickly grind up several leaves and roots into a paste and then add them to the almost boiling water. Oregano, willow and elderberry flower were mixed and brewed into a tea which was then mixed with wine. Filling two cups, she would offer them to Silver. "Try to get the men to drink this while I work." She ordered.
Vector (dadeharper):  finished eating an returned to the training dummies.
Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  hands the knife to the Medicus as she takes the first cup, and then with her hand free, she takes the second, "yes Era, and I have finished cleaning His wounds..." Turning towards teh cots, the Medicus working at the table, she kneels down next to Thraex's cot. Placing one cup on the floor, she brushes her free hand over His forehead, offering Him a small smile should He open His eyes. "Thraex...it is me...silver," she whispers, working hard to keep the emotion from her voice. "I hve something for You to drink...I need You to lift Your head and sip this," as she raises the cup near His lips.
Tempest (taurengurl):  goes back over to her table and begins grinding a large amount of salve from the leaves and oil of the mallow plant mixed with willow and mint. A large amount of paste mixed with wine should do the trick in eliminating inflammation, pain, and as an antiseptic. She would wash her hands once again and turn back to working on Taurus's back. More blood, she washed it away and applied the paste along his back. "He will need stitched in some places...She commented to herself. After the paste was liberally applied to his back, she would produce a needle and thread by which to pull several deeper cuts together and stitch them. It wasn't a hard job, but it was time consuming.
Germanicus Trenticus (trentsheldon):  lays on the cot shaking with pain, his mind swimming, threatening to throw him back into the sea of blackness, while groans yet escape from his lips
Taurus (thraex.orsini):  imagines he can smell herbs, and it reminds him of the village he was born, and the old soothsayer that lived in a hut by the river....he hears Silver's voice. like warm honey as it always is, and he smiles,,smiles until a voice in his head tells him that the soothsayer died when the Romans came, and Silver is still in Rome. Struggling as much as his injured body can manage he tries to get away, his confused mind telling him that the Romans have him in a trap
Tempest (taurengurl):  growls and cuts the last bit of thread, using her spare hand to hold him in place. "Stop moving this instant before you kill yourself!" She shouted, producing a roll of rough bandages in which she had soaked in another herbal bath and began to cautiously wrap around his torso. It was annoying, tough work and she got covered in a blod of blood because of it. "We're trying to help you!"
Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  hurriedly places the cup she was offering Thraex down as he begins to flail about no matter how feebily. "Thraex...it is me Silver. You are okay, I am here," she says louder to Him, "Please Thraex, I beg of You..open Your eyes and see..it is only me and then Medicus," she urges as the Medicus tries to sew up His wounds.
Taurus (thraex.orsini):  seems to understand, or maybe he is too weak to fight anymore, either way he shuts his eyes and remains still while his back is stitched
Tempest (taurengurl):  quickly finishes stitching, bandaging, and adds a stick of burning sage to the rest of the cannibus incense. "Silver you need to hurry with him. I'm done with this gladiator..I can only hope there will be no permanent damage. I will get some meat tonight and bring it in for them to eat. They need to rebuild their muscle." She got fresh water, bandages, and a fresh needle and thread and laid them out on a blanket on the floor beside Germanicus. "I'll be right back, I need to take some bloody rags outside and get fresh ones."
 Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  nods as Thraex closes His eyes. Sighing, she picks up the other cup and moves around to Trent's front. "Trenticus, I need You to drink this," she says softly as she places the cup to his lips, "The Medicus is coming, she just needed to dispose of some dirty bandages.
Tempest (taurengurl):  emerges from her room, up to her elbows in blood and blood coating her clothes and skirt. "Slave!" She called to a waiting house slave. She would shove several blood-soaked items into his arms. "Send for mot hot coals, water, and fresh clean cloth." She snapped, wiping sweat from her forehead. She wreaked of cannibus.
Germanicus Trenticus (trentsheldon):  keeps shaking, his teeth now clattering from sheer pain, his head swimming still. The pain on his back after two dozen whippings with the knotted whip, so immense, he feels as though he was but blows away from certain death. He is vaguely aware of people coming and going, hearing voices yet to his mind nothing makes sense right now,he is teetering on the edge of blackness still.
 Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  looks at the Medicus, "Neither of them will drink the tea Era..."
Tempest (taurengurl):  sighs and goes about going the exact same things she did with Taurus to Germanicus. She would clean his wounds, stitch the worse parts, apple salve, and tightly wrap in bandages. "Then I will get him to." She muttered. "Finish wrapping his bandages."
Tempest (taurengurl):  apply*
Germanicus Trenticus (trentsheldon):  eyes flicker open as he feels himself touched, he shakes his head violently side to side, pushing at Tempest with his shackled hands, his mind not grasping where he is, except that he is hurting bad and wants none to touch him. His face drenched with droplets of sweat, his voice loud as he protests loudly: "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! KEEP AWAY!!!"
Tempest (taurengurl):  sighs and turns, storming out for a moment to get someone to help them. She wasn't strong enough to keep a Gladiator down.
Tempest (taurengurl): "I need someone's help!"
Lance (lance.rodex):  storms closer "What can I do, Domina?"
Tempest (taurengurl):  looks at Lance. "I'm not strong enough to keep him from moving. Will you hold him for me so I can finish treating him?"
Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  takes the end of the bandage roll, "Yes Era," and continues where the Medicus left off. Pulling tightly, knowing it is the best way to get the flesh to stitch back together, but will cause some discomfort, she holds it tightly as Trent takes a deep breath before beginning to yell. Finishing the bandaging, she rips the end down the middle a small ways and ties it securely as the MEdicus returns with Lance.
Tempest (taurengurl):  gestures to the thrashing Gladiator. "If he continues he is going to kill himself. I need you to hold him while I get him to drink something that will put him to sleep."
Germanicus Trenticus (trentsheldon):  thrashes his arms about "KEEP AWAY!!!!" he growls his head swimming, his eyes wild as he looks about himself
Lance (lance.rodex):  follows closely and bends over the badly hurt fighter, ignoring the blood and the mess, he says to Silver "Sit on his legs", hoping she weighs enough to keep them down, then he puts his hands on the shoulders, high enough to avoid the wounds, and he leans in..
Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  nods, and sits on top of His knees, balancing herself as she leans over and grips the edges of the cot.
Tempest (taurengurl):  leans in with the drink and places her hand over his nose so he would be forced to breathe out his mouth. While he did this, she would start dumping tea into it and force him to swallow it.
Germanicus Trenticus (trentsheldon):  growls as he is pinned down, he shakes his head violently "NOOOO!" he growls again, though his strength fails him, unable to flex his muscles for the seering pain of the cut flesh on his back. His head falling back on to the pillow, his face shaking hard with the agony, the pain from the beating he got in his face not helping to make this whipping any easier to bare, his one eye swollen to the point where he can barely see through it. His nose tender from the punch he got he growls again as he feels a hand over his nose and opens his mouth
Tempest (taurengurl):  forces him to swallow the drink and then steps back. Taking more salve on her hand, she would rub it against his eye and other bruises and then finally nod. "He's fine...he will be sleeping for a few hours and hopefully there will be no lasting damage..."
Germanicus Trenticus (trentsheldon):  almost chokes as the tea is forced down his throat. His head falls back as blackness envelopes him once more
 Lance (lance.rodex):  feels the muscles relax and he nods over his shoulder at Silver, gradually starting to deminish pressure on the gladiator's body.
Tempest (taurengurl):  nods and begins to clean up the room.
Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  see's Lance ease off and slowly gets off Trent's legs. "Thank You for Your help Lance."
Lance (lance.rodex):  lets go of the passed out fighter and walks close behind the medic.
(taurengurl): "Can I help you?"
Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  excuses herself, "If You do not need me Era...".
Lance (lance.rodex):  raises a brow, smiling, his finger darting ever so briefly over her bare shouler "No. But maybe you can talk some sense into the doctore. He saved my ass once, when I attacked you. Now he is not listening to me".
Tempest (taurengurl):  shakes her head. "You can go." She told Silver.
Tempest (taurengurl): "You think he will listen to me?"
Silver (silverymoon.naidoo): smiles, "Thank You Era," she says casting a glance at Lance, unsettled by His words, "Are...are You sure?"
Tempest (taurengurl):  nods. "Go." She ordered.
Silver (silverymoon.naidoo):  nods and leaves
Tempest (taurengurl): "He won't listen to me, there is no point in asking."
Lance (lance.rodex):  runs his hands through his hair, making it peek to all sides "He is like a bull, enraged.. out of control".
Tempest (taurengurl):  nods as she cleans. "But there is nothing I can do about it. He will calm down soon."
 Lance (lance.rodex):  nods, though he is not convinced, he knocks at the door, indicating to the guards he is ready to leave.
Tempest (taurengurl):  watches as they open the door. Tempest would leave not long after.

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