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Author Topic: Roleplay Log: The Praetor Confiscates Tracus Ludus Pt 1  

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The fall of House Thespian (in hiding as House Tracus), The Rise of House Paetinus


*NOTE: in the beginning there are two things going on.  In the house, Barilous the Lupinaria owner meets with Filipa (in hiding as Valeria Tracus) the Lanista, while outside at the gates of the Ludus sands, a situation begins to brew.

About half way through, the meeting inside concludes and Barilous departs and Valeria joins the scene at the gate.  And this is when everything comes crumbling down around her … the Praetor, Appius, confiscates all property owned by her “husband” the very old man she keeps hidden inside the house.

No one knows this really, but this old man is some wandering peasant she picked up off the road on her way to Casilinum from Rome.  She keeps him plied with slaves, food and drink to keep him out of the way but passes him off as Marcus Tracus, her husband and the true Lanista of this house.

To distinguish the two threads of RP, indented dialog is inside the house between Valeria and Barilous.  Left justified dialog is at the gates.

A Knock at the door, the Lupinaria owner visits the Lanista

[18:52]  Barilous Decatus (damian.braveheart): Upon arriving at the steps of the ludus Barilous would have paused long enough to notice a gladiator apparently chasing another about the sands of the ludus with wooden rudus in hand. Such a sight had caused him to raise an eyebrow dubiously and yet still not a one of them he recognized though actually there was still jus tone he had sought to look for. One in particular whom’s name he’d finally found within those old records and tome she’d been searching through. There had been two he;d known to run a ludus other than himself and this was not the latter of whom had been his own rival. Nay if this woman was indeed from Rome and whom he thought he would need verification. And what better chance to spy and perceive what he could by manner of his own eyes than a simple business call eh? Lifting hsi free right hand to bang loudly upon the doors as his left held the book snapped shut and tucked to his side. A feathered quill used as his simple bookmark. Such an item obviously rather tattered and worn from use.

[18:56]  Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian) sits working at her desk, numbers, always numbers, accountings of supplies, of gladiators, of food stores, who’s money paid for what … and still though she feels she may not need to, she does it all twice, still to this day … one set of books for anyone who might happen across it, and the other she’d always kept hidden, the real numbers.  Originally to protect herself from her first husband, now just habit and actually rather cost saving when it comes to taxes.  She hears the knock at the door and the slaves begin bustling about and answering.  The door opens and a comely looking boy opens, “Avete Erus, may I help you?”

Meanwhile, at the gates to the Ludus Sands:

[18:57] Sonnya (sonnya.galli) Adara plays with a lock of her hair, well aware of the warning of her slave, it was not a good idea about telling Lavinia about being careful with her jewelry in front of the blacksmith girl. She nods to Havva as she sees her leaving and turns to Lavinia again “Well dear Lavinia… I was thinking about going to the ludus, do you want to go with me? Maybe if we are lucky we could enjoy with some training”

[19:01]  Barilous Decatus (damian.braveheart): As the pampered looking whelp answered the door Barilous would raise an eyebrow as a vicious sneer drew across his lips. As always he hated dealing with the filth riddled dogs of this world. And this one was no different. Raising his head to stare down his nose and scarred features at the boy. “I come to speak with the Lanista regarding the festivities planned with my merchandise and services needed.” Snorting loudly in indignation as he would grit his teeth whilst shaking his head slowly. “Well dog! Fetch the Lanista or bring me to them! I haven’t all fucking day!” Already Barilous was slowly working that cunning criminal mind. Testing, poking, prodding. Seeming where the cracks would lay in this place. He knew all too well himself no matter the cunning or creative ingenuity of the mastermind… good help was always so hard to find. Or had it really just been his own luck?

[19:03] Lavinia Nasica blinked in surprise as she followed after Sonnya. The massive dog at her side pranced along beside her, quite eager to follow it seemed. She blushed deep red as they stopped before the gates, and she turned her gaze quickly to Sonnya. “Are we welcome to be here..?”

[19:05]  Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian)’s slave was apparently very used to men coming here and commanding the Lanista’s slaves about as if their owner were just a helpless, lowbred fool of a woman.  they did not take offense, for men would be men, but they knew just what to do, “Of course Erus, thank you for also stating your business.  Please wont you wait here in the parlor whilst I see if the Lanista is available.”  with that, the slave steps out of the way, denoting that Barilous wait there in that first room near the door.  Should barilous step in, the slave would smile and step inside the house, closing the curtain behind him to hurry off to find his Owner.

[19:07] Sonnya (sonnya.galli) Adara stops near the gates, as always the guards (NPC) roll her eyes up and sigh when they see her approaching. Adara crosses her arms over her chest focusing her attention on the one who was on the sand doing weird things, she turns to Lavinia when she hears her question “Oh, well I don´t know… but I stopped worrying about if I was welcoming or not in the sites a long ago…” says as she shrugs “Look at that one… he seems to be the yard boy” then looks around “OH, what a shame… they are not training ring now” snorts

[19:08] Crito Galtier stand up from the table and stretches. He’s rested enough – the doctore will be out soon and will surely want to see them working out. HE glances to Mel and nods, “We should resume our sparing or Doctore will have his whip upon our backs. Come, you and me, let’s spar some.” He walks to the sands and picks up the sword and shield he left there before and readies himself to spar with Mel.

[19:09] Denebola Fairywren begins to walk back towards Crito and the young Gladiator after doing an ancient workout from his past and notices the citizens standing outside the gates, irritated he glances and retreats back to the shade

[19:10] Lavinia Nasica blinked in surprise. She was new to the idea of gladiators, but not un-knowledgeable.  She shook her head a tad and glanced away from the male in the yard, that blush still darkening on her cheeks. She was still quite young, it seemed, likely only just having come of age, and this was still very very strange for her. She shifted her weight to place her back to the gate, but her ears nearly twitched at the word training. Teeth bit deep into the inside of her cheek, to keep her from near running from the gate to the safety of her flat.

[19:10]  Barilous Decatus (damian.braveheart): Barilous would enter even as the whelp stepped aside and made to hurry off to find the ‘Lanista’. Well if anything here and now would commence the first steps of his own scheme. Platinum hued eyes narrowing as the curtains were drawn shut in the passing of the slave. Of course even their obscuring mass could not hide the rays of sunlight behind them. So the next room held a bath and open roof to the sky. Ah strangely enough this particular layout reminded him so very much of a place he knew once before. Folding his arms across the broad wall of his chest as he began to tap a sandaled foot upon the stone floor waiting impatiently as always. A man of action he was and he had many to set into motion.

[19:11] Crito Galtier stares across the sands toward Mel and nods a bit indicating he is ready. “Whenever you are ready, little one.”

[19:11] Denebola Fairywren: softly sighs and nods to CRITO “Yeah .. You know your way here. If you say we are practicing, we’ll do the best” … stretched again, then raises the sword and the shield on

[19:14] Crito Galtier reaches his hand out offering it to the young would be gladiator. “Good fight but always watch your back.” he said giving a bit of advice to the new comer.

[19:14]  Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian) looks up as the slave quietly steps into her office, “apologies Domina, but there is a man at the door wishing to see you about arrangements you’d made with him about his … merchandise?  I recognized him from my shopping in town, the Lupinaria owner,” he pauses as she listens.  the boy sure did need some rounding around the edges, he didn’t even give her the chance to say she wanted to hear what he had to say.  she sighs softly, “ah, well do not keep him waiting, it could cost me money, bring him, and fetch wine.”  the boy nods, “right away Era,” and after he turns, she very carefully closes up her real account book and hides it back away where she keeps it, leaving only the phony one out on her desk, her eyes skimming it while she waits.

[19:15] Sonnya (sonnya.galli) Adara lets out a laugh when she sees Lavinia giving her back to the gates “Oh please, don´t be so shy… I was like you when I arrived here… but that is just until you see the first real fight… then you will find it as amazing as I do¡¡” exclaims as she turns her gaze to the sands again when she sees two gladiators coming and starting to train. Her eyes shine in excitement to the amazing show she is enjoying.

[19:15] Melarius Resident can help up and blushed slightly when he sees the women at the door .. knock the sand from the butt “I’ll think about it”

[19:16]  Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian)‘s slave returns, quickly drawing the curtains wide open, affording him a view of the house, “this way Erus,” he says then begins to walk toward Filipa’s office, stopping now and again to ensure he has not lost his charge along the way.  Stepping back over the threshold of her workspace, the slave announces, “Era,” he looks at Barilous, suddenly realizing he forgot to get the man’s name but feels too foolish to ask, he simply says, “your guest,” and steps out of Barilous’ way.

[19:16] Lavinia Nasica blinked and bristled at Sonnya’s words, the pink to her cheeks turning a dark red. “Ah, but.. It’s so indecent!” Her cheeks darkened again and she glanced to the ground. Apparently she was still much a child in her mind.

[19:16] Crito Galtier points his sword toward Mel and nods, “Again and keep your shield up.”

[19:16] Melarius Resident sighs and goes back into battle position

[19:18] Crito Galtier slams his sword into the man’s knees tripping him and throwing him to the sands again. He chuckled a bit, “Well fought but still you let down you shield. It will be your death in the arena if you keep doing that.”

[19:19] Crito Galtier: Ready

[19:19] Melarius Resident is to strike the ground with his fist and a growl. Is slowly .. “I’ll do it!”

[19:20] Sonnya (sonnya.galli) Adara turns to look Lavinia raising an eyebrow playfully “And why is indecent? Because men say it?” asks trying to contain her laugh, she could understand her so much, as she had never seen a gladiators fight until her arrival to the village, but she couldn´t help but enjoy playing a little with her naiveté.

[19:21] Crito Galtier takes one to the chest and falls to the sand. Rolling over he chuckles a bit as he rights himself. “A lucky shot I assure you.”

[19:22] Denebola Fairywren after being smacked with the wooden sword, walks to the fence and sits down, to only taunt the young female citizens with his buff pale body

[19:22] Melarius Resident grins at him, “Yes. You want to let me win. So I think I’m getting better and I can Tretten then again in the ass”

[19:22] Appius Flavius Paetinus (genian) moves towards the gates, his eyes peer at the ladies standing at the gate. He too looks past them and peers through them to inspect the stock of gladiators sparring within “Tal Eras” he calls out to them with a smile formed across his face

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