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Author Topic: Roleplay Log: The Praetor Confiscates Tracus Ludus Pt 5  

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[21:28] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian) motions to her guards to seize crito and dene and any other fool slave in her ludus who might make this situation even worse. her eyes full of tears, knowing this looks bad for the one person in her life, crito, that to date she’d been able to trust with her terrible situation … and now she’s likely to lose him because of the stupidity of one fool yard boy. she turns a look of complete disdain upon dene before lifting it back to Crito, “guards, secure these slaves and prepare them for punishment,” then she turns to Appius, trying to keep herself calm and controlled, “Good Praetor, I beg of you for mercy this night,” she manages to get out even as she hears the many praetorians hustling through the town, the sound of metal and leather, boots and uniformed steps pounding in their direction getting louder and louder with each passing moment. “Please do not let this escalate further,” she speaks as her guards are moving to take Crito and Dene into custody.

[21:32] Sonnya (sonnya.galli) Adara drops her mouth shocked when she sees the gladiator grabbing the man hand pushing him. Adrenaline begins to flow through her body as she could feel the tension there, it was the first time she was so near to see a man´s death. She fixes her gaze on the gladiator swallowing hard, her slave Nana (NPC) starts to steps ahead driven by rage, Adara could feel her slave anger, and she could see it on her eyes darkened. She hurries to grab her arm to stop her ” Please don´t get yourself killed by that man” whispers to her almost in a plea in Thracian language. Bites her lower lip as she hears the praetorians coming near, she looks around a little confused, but finally she approaches to the gates to Valeria´s side “Please praetor… didn´t you miss the fighting… well those men had provided you some for your entertainment… please, I beg you your mercy, you already had your show, so please… ” begs him with her eyes shining with tears, for some reason she did not want to see them dead.

[21:34] LeAna (leanacartez) “Crito” she says with a light outburst out of worry for him before she looked to Dene..realizing she had just made a mistake her cheeks turn a light red..”Apologies young Domina” she says softly knowing she had no permission to speak yet along show her fear she had for her two friends that were being handled by the guards..She approached with Nana and her young Domina..

[21:47] Denebola Fairywren seeing crito pounce like a lion, as if the Arena engulfed them now, fueled Dene’s desire to protect his true love, un-fearful of the guards and the oncoming praetorians, he begins to move forward to assist Crito, however is taken aback by the pull of Domina’s guards. Attempting to fight to protect Crito, he realizes, he must not push more, as the burden of knowing that Consul has Crito’s parents held captive, and any slight move or further mistake could put them and Crito at risk…..His arms secured, he says to Crito “Brother, we must calm ourselves and save your strength for the Arena, for I have put us all in a terrible demise and I alone, will take the blame, please, for me, for”……then the guards gag him, knowing Domina would not want him to speak anymore. Dene brushes his head aside, “Good Praetor, please, do what you will with me, please spare Domina and Crito”…the guards hit him the back to shut Dene up, then gag him again.

[21:52] Crito Galtier winces as the Praetors foots finds his crotch. Buckling a bit in pain he remains firm in his grip staring into the face of this Roman who dares to threaten his life. His heart races as it did in the arena and adrenaline fills his veins. Feeling the hands of the guards upon his shoulders and arms he remained in his position until sanity began to fill his head. He began to stand down carefully lifting his hand from the praetor’s sword his eyes still piercing his in rage. Standing back on his feet he regained his footing letting Appius lose. His eyes continued to stare coldly at him as he was pulled back. Stepping back he breathed deeply through his nose like a bull ready to charge. He stepped back more as the guards continued to pull him back to a safe zone. He glanced toward Domina with a look of shame on his face as the guards continued to hold him firmly. But he knew in his heart that what he did was the right thing be damned or not.

[21:57] Appius Flavius Paetinus (genian) steps forward, quickly with a rage of anger, moving to strike crito as quick as he could. He moves to his side, off stepping him as he brings down the hilt to the face of the gladiator. His intentions were to strike his face as hard as he could with the hilt of the gladius. He roars in anger as he makes the swing. If it connected, it would be sure to break his nose and cause quite the bit of blood to pour out. He leans forward and roars again at him “YOU WANT TO FIGHT AS A BEAST?! YOU DISHONOR YOUR LUDUS?!! YOU FIGHT IN THE PITS!!!” he scowls in orders, hearing his praetorians entering the ludus, surrounding the gladiators and the guards of the ludus. The flooded in quickly, blazed in black and rear armor, bright red plume dancing with each step as the all rushed in, swords drawn and shield pressed forward “SIEZE THIS house!!! ALL slaves in their cells and take the Lanista upstairs and place her in her office at ONCE!!” he scowls out in anger

[22:02] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian) gasps, crying out as her arm is taken by a praetorian guard and she is pulled away from the gate, “Appius, please, have mercy,” she cries out as she is dragged off, her eyes flying to sonnya, a quiet entreaty for her to find safety in the raging storm of infuriated Praetor. she looks up at the Praetorian guard as she stumbles into him from his pull, looking once more over toward the ludus gate and those surrounding it, she then speaks softly to the praetorian, “please, do not drag, I can walk” and she tugs back slightly only to straighten her spine, smooth her skirts before her and begin to walk as if she were completely in charge of her destiny. she precedes the praetorian into the house and into her office where she begins to pace silently.

[22:05] Sonnya (sonnya.galli) Adara looks around a little dizzy as the events come too fast for her, making her feel that it was like a bad dream where she only was a mere and impotent specter. She sees how the praetorians take Valeria and catches her gaze, takes a deep breath thinking that maybe it was a good idea fleeing from there now no one was paying attention to her, but after all she had some kind of magnet go troubles, so she stay there an turns to the praetor “That is not just¡¡” exclaims raising her voice “She didn´t do anything wrong¡¡” replies

[22:08] LeAna (leanacartez) stands by her young domina as she watches the scene in front of her..Now actually fearing for those around here or anyone in that man’s path..LeAna was known for getting into trouble but this scene had her wanting to think twice about trying anything here..the worry still on her face as she watched them..She could see the anger in Nana’s(Npc) eyes. If she didn’t calm down things were sure to get worst even for her young domina.

[22:15] Denebola Fairywren hearing, what would be equivalent to a dishonorable death sentence rather than an honorable death in the Arena, sheds a tear for Crito, then begins to wriggle from the guards firm grip….screaming as the Praetorians take Crito away. He thinks to himself, what have I done, what is my fate, what is Crito’s, his parents, Domina’s. Continuing to wriggle he feels he must break free, but only frees his mouth once more and shouts….”Crrrrriiiiiiiitttooooooooooooooo”

[22:43] Crito Galtier’s head swings swiftly to the side as the Praetors sword strikes his face. His anger soars as the pain ran through his head and down his neck. He felt the familiar warmth of blood running down his face as he struggled to move forward an instinct he knew well from the arena. His hands firmly bound by the guards he felt hopeless in his struggles but continued to try to lunge forward. Struggling harder he frees one hand as he makes a fist raising it over his head prepared to thrust it down but a guard quickly grabbed it halting its forward momentum. He struggled still against the guards as his eyes remained focused on the Praetor. He stumbled a bit as he was dragged backward by the guards to a safe zone. His body still enraged he struggled to get free to finish the job he’d started but too many men now overwhelmed him. His thoughts suddenly ran to Domina and her wellbeing and his loyalty to her got the best of him. He relaxed a bit against the guards and followed there pulls toward the ludus.

[22:48] Appius Flavius Paetinus (genian) snarls loudly at the gladiator “See this beast to his cage and restrict his food and water for two days!!” he says scowling, looking at the guards “By the power given to me from the Emperor of Rome. I, Appius Flavius Paetinus, Praetor of Rome, claim this villa under the laws of the Roman Empire!” he bellows out loudly for all to hear. HE steps back and glares at the slaves in their cages “These two are NOT to be released until my word is given” he scowls , moving to storm out of the gates, spotting the crowd gathered outside. He swings open the door and stares at them, daring them to say a single word to him

[22:56] Sonnya (sonnya.galli) Adara could feel her heart beating so fast as she sees how the praetor hit the gladiator and shout orders to the praetorians. She gives a step back when the gates open feeling his fierce gaze up on the crowd, she raises her hand to her slaves to order them to not make a move as she fixes her gaze on the man, raising her eyes with pride, it was not the first time she had to deal with a powerful and proud man, and won´t be the last. Swallows hard and wets her lips, she was feeling her mouth suddenly dry and pasty “This is what you call the justice of Rome, praetor? Take this ludus from the woman? Is that how you protect the roman citizens… taking away their possessions so vilely? ” asks him

[22:57] LeAna (leanacartez) saddened as she watched this scene unfolding.. a frown upon her face, a small glare she had only in store for the praetor, as she watched her friends being dragged away..Notes her young domina’s command and stays back with nana(npc) it being obvious that both of Adara’s slaves had worry in their eyes for their young domina.

[23:01] Appius Flavius Paetinus (genian) turns his glare to Sonnya “If you wish to defend the slaves, then you can join them” he says to her, his eyes boring into hers “If a Woman cannot control her gladiators and slaves, then she is not fitting to have them or a ludus.” he says to her “have you ever seen a slave truly revolt? Do you think your pretty hair, or your perky little breast will stop them from driving a spear or a gladius through your stomach and spilling your guts all over the ground and leave you there to die a slow and very painful death as your insides seep out of you, in a sort of a “glop…glop….glop” noisy manner? Hmmm? Step aside Woman or you shall see this first hand with your slave in front of me.” He says, raising his hands to command his Praetorians to strike them down, his eyes fixated on Sonnya, daring her to bring this further

[23:07] Havva (mandarin.beck) drags her tired body around the streets. Havva’s body was exhausted, her muscles sored, but the girl could not fall asleep. She walks heavily enjoying the soft breeze stopping to contemplate the scary shadows created by town statues. A loud scream wakes her up from the delusional state she was in. Havva turns her head and follows the scream, cautiously getting closer of the ludus walls.   Havva sees a commotion in front of the ludus’ gates. She brushes her eyes trying to recognize someone to understand all that frenzy was about. “Praetorians guards” the girl whispers examining the men uniforms with a disgusted look on her face. The girl had bad experience with guards and she tried to avoid them all costs. Havva stands behind the wall watching all from far way and wondering why the patrician lady was involved.

[23:09] Sonnya (sonnya.galli) Adara widens her eyes with horror, images of what he was describing come to her mind making her stomach churn. But she makes her best effort to hide her commotion. The sudden threat towers her slaves makes the anger grow inside of her, she is about to open her mouth, but the only idea of losing Nana makes her panic, a violent chin runs her back and smalls beads of sweat runs her forehead. Closes her mouth but keep her cold gaze on his as she moves aside, everybody could see the rage and the hatred hidden in her eyes as she lets the praetor keep his way.

[23:10] LeAna (leanacartez) low fire was now burning her blue eyes listening to the man speaking to her domina that way..though mostly the slaves..a revolt she though. As she remembered the previous conversation that she held among Dene and Crito of how the romans one day would learn a lesson. There was still hope for it..didn’t look like anytime soon especially not dealing with a man such as this one. A powerful one at that. She sighs lightly to herself as she seen his guards preparing for a strike. LeAna’s body trembled for a moment..but she soon steps aside and stands next to her young domina..not before giving the praetor another small glare..

[23:14] Appius Flavius Paetinus (genian) looks to the Praetorians and nods to them to stand down. He leans in close to Sonnya “Do not forget where you are Era….and the storm of the emperors wrath I could bring down on this…..quiet……little town” he says with a scowl in his voice…. threatening her with in imaginable things…. like… taxes….food stamps…..poverty and high gas prices!!. ((lmfao)) He turns and begins moving up to the villa, signaling his guards to remain at their post. The dozen Praetorians now having seized the villa for his own. He moves through the doors, his footsteps were heavy and deliberate, hoping the lanista could hear each step as he approached

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