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Author Topic: Player App (Cornelia Nonius Macrinius)  

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Click to TP to us in SecondLife:

Welcome to Gods of Valor! We are a friendly and easy going community that strives to be welcoming to all who RP here.  We are a town distant from the heart of Rome, set off the beaten path surrounded by long miles of forests and roads.  

First and foremost, we are a role-play community.  We are open to any creative ideas you may have on bringing something new into the city.  Simply contact an Admin, and we can see what we can do.  We are compliant with TOS set forth by Linden Labs, so all people playing within this community are to be a minimum of 18 years of age (ic and ooc).

To ensure we keep role play the focus of the community, gladiators are expected to RP as much as meter fight.  If you are a person who likes to only combat, this community may not suit what you are looking for.  

NOTE, if you have designs on your friendly neighborhood gladiators (giggity lol) ... then it is highly suggested you become either a Lupinaria slave, or a very wealthy patrician (but keep in mind in Casilinum, these would be kinda rare).  Other roles will likely have little to no opportunity to get that close.

Gods of Valor Application:

Type of Character:  CITIZEN

Avatar Name:  Marilina Antonioni

Character Name:  Cornelia Nonius Macrinius

SecondLife Birthday (RezzDay):  January 23,2007

Timezone:  pacific

When do you usually play? (days & times of day/night):  randomlly but most late afternoon/evenings

Desired Role:  I am sister of Maximus Nonius Macrinius of the Bruttii familia, a woman whose family could be very powerful and tracherous at the same time. She can be sweet but very intelligent and will do anything for the advancement of her familia.

What do you think such a role would require from you?:  

I will say when i roleplay I am constantly under In-Character, like an actress doing her play representing to the max her role. As OOC I am very helpful, nice and very friendly.

Background Character Information:  

My name is Cornelia Nonius Macrinius. I am the sister of Maximus Nonius Macrinius, Pater of the Bruttii Familia of Rome. My role is more of a high rank lady, she could host parties in the familia house, she could go to the market to buy slaves, she could go to the bath house to get the latest gossip in town, she could go to the games to meet people and in a way find out information about anything taking place. She can be a very sweet, sexy, intelligent woman as a very dangerous person since she will do whatever it takes for the advancement of any member in her familia.

Please provide an example of your emoting abilities:

Cornelia looks at the gladiator standing in front of her , look at his broad chest, the muscles in his arms, the long and powerful legs but she knows that they are all beasts, some one can trust others she can't. She walks past him looking him straight in the eye and give him this sensual smile. She face ahead and keeps walking feeling how the gladiator follow her movement with his eyes like fire burning all over her skin.

Gladiators & Slaves Only Below

If you are a gladiator, gladiatrix or slave, this next section is mandatory.  It is designed to ensure that your preferences and rights are known and upheld and that you have the right kind of rp experience for your needs/desires as your  role is one that is most likely to include consensual non-consent sexual role-play.

You are A ...

Do you want to be owned by a man or a woman?  

What are your RP Limits?

No Rape
No Capture for more than 24 hours
No nudity
No cutting of hair
If there is something i am not please about I will send a private im

Do you have a preference of where you wish to serve if possible?  If so, where?

You may be summoned to perform sexually in rp.  Is this acceptable to you?  No

          If yes, are you bisexual, gay/lesbian or straight?  

If you are not bisexual, do you have issues in rping sexual encounters with the same gender if it comes up?  (meaning, not what you prefer but you wont stop the rp)

Gladiators, would you wish to have slaves sent to you as reward for wins and good service?  

          If yes, male, female or either?  

Gladiators, do you enjoy sponsorship rp (i.e. like to be sponsored and the pr that ensues)?  

          If yes, by men, women or either?  

Gladiators, please list your best evenings for RP so that we can organize arena matches as best as possible.

Slaves, would you wish to be gifted to gladiators for their good service?  
          If yes, male, female or either?  

Any other special requests or things we should know? Please include them here:


Please if you would, how did you find us?:

By Maximus Cafarelli

Why did you choose Gods of Valor?:

I used to roleplay at Rome in the Bruttii Family some time ago and for 3 years as the Queen of Macedonia next to Dimitry Krokus

Give us your suggestions to make the sim better or to market it better.

We will contact you shortly to talk to you about your app.  When approved, you will be granted full member status here, and your group status in world will be upgraded as well.  Welcome to Gods of Valor!

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