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Author Topic: An idea to help advertise the sim and get the word out...  

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Hey guys! I just joined the other day and I talked to watcher and Marcus some at the landing hub about ideas for how to get this sim rocking and rolling again...

I am a member of a group called Seeking Roleplay (some of you may have heard of this group and may already be members) and I get notices all the time from people in the group trying to promote their RP sims. Below I have copied and pasted the group description and the link to their group profile.

"The following is a unity of SecondLife roleplayers focused on obtaining TEXT interaction in various SIM atmospheres.  SIM owners with the intention to provide the aforementioned and those seeking roleplay partners or more information on the eccletic and adventorous world of the WRITTEN word are welcomed."


I don't know how you guys feel about going this route, but I figure it wouldn't hurt to join and send out notices every once in a while through the group to advertise the sim. Hell, I could even do it, if given the verbiage that you guys would want put out there.

I am eager to help the sim grow because it is such a great build and the admins I have met so far seem very interested in making this sim the best ancient Roman RP sim there is.

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