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Author Topic: Creation of a Character & His Backstory - Denebola Fairywren (great example)  

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CHARACTER BACK STORY for Crito Galtier, Filipa Thespian, Denebola Fairywren & The Consul of Rome
(original writing date: August, 2012)

How Dene came to be in the control of the Consul of Rome, Cassius Otacilius Britanicus:

IMPORTANT NOTE: this document was written by Filipa Thespian so where you see things like “my husband” that means Filipa’s husband, a.k.a. the Consul.

The Consul of Rome, former commander of her Legion’s with many still unquestioningly loyal to him, had taken his new wife by force, a female Lanista, and from the looks of it, a very good one, smart, engendering the loyalty of her Gladiators in a way most Lanista’s could only dream of.  Yes, he would have even greater power with the might of her stock behind him, one being the Champion of Rome no less.  Yet she proves to be a bit too smart and strong willed for his good.  He must find ways to control her, and the best so far, is through her returned loyalty to “her men.”  The bitch even tried to hide the identity of the father of her unborn babe from him, so loyal was she and it was returned.  So, how to get between this and control them all.

An idea is born.  he’d already learned a bit about one of her Gladiators, one she seemed particularly fond of though was not the father of her child … Crito.  Formerly owned in Alsium, that would be where he needed to go to learn more.  So, with his most loyal men, he leaves for the still decimated ruins of Alsium.

Not too long after arriving, he meets an older man, woman, and a younger man who is likely their grown son, trying to survive among the destruction of the once great city.  Seeing him, they mistakenly think he is there to help them, and he allows them to think it, for it suits his purpose.  Using his guile and wit he learns of their knowledge of a gladiator named Crito, and in so doing, that their son Dene was an indentured Gladiator at the Ludus with Crito, one he once sponsored before he married his wife.  Oh this pleased Ed to no end.  He would hold this over the boy, to control him, yes indeed this was working out better than he’d hoped.

Of course he’d help them, or so he’d let them think, and willingly they went with him back to Rome.  On the journey home, Ed worked his vile magic on Dene, he could have his freedom, no one would ever know, but he would be now beholden to the Consul, and must do his bidding.  he did not, however, say a word about Dene’s parents, though at the time, it was not so obvious they were left out of the bargain.  The Consul would use Dene in his bed until he grew tired of him, for that was his wicked way, love and caring did not grace this man’s heart easily.

After arriving home to Rome, well very near to it, encamped just outside, Dene awakens in the Consul’s tent to find him, a portion of his men and Dene’s own parents missing.  Later that day, the Consul returns to inform Dene that he has made arrangements for Dene’s parents, and Dene was no longer to worry about them, for they would never again have a worry of any kind.

Little did the young man know, that the Consul had taken his parents, home to meet his own wife, at her ludus, and after killing Dene’s father himself, forced his wife to kill Dene’s mother through lies and deceit that he only brought out as such AFTER the woman’s body lay at his wife’s feet, her life’s blood pooling into his wife’s sandals … she was now a murderess, and would obey him for all eternity if she wanted to keep it secret.

Little did any of them know, that they had an audience hiding just out of sight, but close enough to easily be able to recognize who was just slain at the gates to the Ludus sands … Crito gasped in recognition and quickly made his way inside lest he be discovered.  His mind reeling and his heart breaking for his lost love, Dene.


Crito, you have a younger sister and a mother.  The only person who knows bout this, is Dene, from when you used to trust him in Alsium.  They went into hiding when you killed a rich and powerful man in Rome, a senator.

Dene, after we fled Rome, you met my husband, the vile, evil Consul of Rome (3rd most powerful man in all of Rome who tricked/forced me into marriage with him by having my current bastard gambling husband put to death for crimes he didn’t commit), who happens to be very powerful, very rich, rather handsome and only likes the company of men … you bump into each other … the way of which not yet known, but … Ed knows Crito, and knows Crito is with me, and through his sneaky way of getting to know you … he discovers your ties with Crito.

My husband decides to romance you Dene.  To learn what he wants and to get what he wants, one of his many vile ways.  You though, you have this love interest in Crito, but at the time, you had yet to really learn the disgusting manipulative ways of powerful Romans and you found yourself drawn to him and trusting him … because that’s what he portrayed to you.

One night, drunk and greatly sexually satisfied and exhausted, deep under the bastard’s spell, somehow you let slip the existence of Crito’s sister and mother.  Not on purpose … ah but see, now he has you.  For he’s also learned of your love for Crito, a gladiator he knows quite well, has actually sponsored.

He sets you on a path, gives you a task, you are to hunt us down, find us, get yourself ensconced in my house, and have information sent back to him so that he could keep constant tabs on me.  Or else, he would kill Critos mother and sister.  do as he says, and he will see to it that Crito’s family is provided for (which he would, he’s honorable in that way, go figure lol).

SO … feeling disgusted with yourself Dene, for letting the love of your life’s secret slip and now putting them in such danger, you are struggling between doing what you must to protect them, and what you must to regain the love and trust of the man you would lay down your life for.


  • Dene and Crito fell madly deeply soul crushingly in love when they were Gladiators in Alsium together.
  • After earthquakes, Crito was sold to Thespian Ludus.
  • Dene wound out with his parents again, a free man but still in Alsium.
  • Dene does not know that his parents were killed.
  • Crito knows.
  • Crito doesn’t want Dene to know that Filipa killed his mother
  • Crito doesn’t tell Dene his parents are dead.
  • Dene is here to spy for the consul to keep Crito’s mother and sister alive and well as the Consul promised.
  • Dene needs to find ways to get messages back to Rome to the Consul.
  • Barilous quite possibly because of his past, might have either seen Filipa and the Consul kill these people, but wouldn’t know they are Dene’s parents.  He could however, used his criminal underground to figure it out.
  • If he didn’t see, likely his criminal network did and reported it to him.  So, one day he might be the one to break it to Dene about his parents, unleashing this RP drama for us :) .
  • Dene has intel on Filipa from the Consul so that he can get himself owned by the ludus.  this is why he would have stared down Barilous like he did, knowing that she’d likely step up to protect him by buying him.
  • Dene becomes a gladiator cuz he was an idiot and let her see his skills … just dumb luck.
  • Dene’s got a mouth and cuz of it, Crito finds himself having to protect the idiot from Domina’s wrath lol


[17:30] Denebola Fairywren: Ok, So I am not aware that my parents were killed correct?
[17:30] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): correct
[17:30] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): but Crito knows :)
[17:30] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): and he knows that i did it
[17:30] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): even if i was tricked and didn’t want to
[17:31] Crito Galtier: But I don’t want Dene to know that I know?
[17:31] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): how’s that? :D
[17:32] Denebola Fairywren: And yes I would you notecard of the completed backstory…this is sooo awesome
[17:32] Denebola Fairywren: Which later I find out, turning my hatred to Ed?
[17:32] Denebola Fairywren: Damn Chat lag
[17:33] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): a mother’s tie with her son is a very special thing and yeah im experiencing the lag too
[17:33] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): i would think you might at first want to kill me
[17:33] Denebola Fairywren: Right, and somewhere around there the truth is revealed
[17:33] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): and that hatred/grudge might last a while
[17:34] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): AND oh oh oh that might give barilous what he needs to sink his meathooks into me and this ludus if he can figure it out on his own ;)
[17:34] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): i dont think you want dene to know they’re dead
[17:34] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): so i’d think you might at first want to kill me for it
[17:34] Denebola Fairywren: ooh and the plot thickens
[17:34] Crito Galtier: So I don’t want Dene to know that I know about his parents?
[17:34] Crito Galtier: damn chat lag
[17:35] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): well up to you, what od you think?
[17:35] Crito Galtier: I thnk best that I not want him to know
[17:35] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): i would think you might be protecting him, or trying to contain a situation maybe?  at the very least you dont want him to know who killed his mother probably … so maybe that’s why you dont tell?
[17:36] Crito Galtier: There’s my loyalty to you that wold prevent me from telling him that you killed his mother too.  That loyalty being bound to some dort of promist you made me the likes of which we still need to figure out.
[17:37] Denebola Fairywren: Your Freedom or protection?
[17:37] Crito Galtier: my freedom perhaps
[17:37] Denebola Fairywren: She protecting you
[17:40] Crito Galtier: So let’s set Crito’s story line straight here …. he is loyal to Domina for a reason but does not love her.  IN fact he wants his freedom and resents being owned and forced to be a gladiator.  In fact, he’d take her life too if it meat his own freedom just like in Spartacus. It’s the promise of something (freedom) that allies him with Domina.
[17:40] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): Barilous quite possibly because of his past, might have either seen Filipa and the Consul kill these people, but wouldn’t know they are Dene’s parents.  He could however, used his criminal underground to figure it out.  If he didn’t see, likely his criminal network did and reported it to him.  So, one day he might be the one to break it to Dene about his parents, unleashing this RP drama for us :) .
[17:41] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): we have to remember, he knows who i am, and he is likely planning how to use that here in his favor, in rp he was about to abduct me when we all left rome lol
[17:42] Crito Galtier: And how does all of this force you to make Dene a gladiator?  Or does that matter?  More control?
[17:42] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): no
[17:42] Denebola Fairywren: That would explain why I seered at his tattoos, his criminal network caused problems for Alsium
[17:42] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): i wind out makin dene a gladiator because he just showed me his skills lol i am always an accomplished lanista remember
[17:42] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): and i would see this skill like i did today
[17:42] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): when he does stupid shit like he did today
[17:42] Denebola Fairywren: LOL
[17:42] Crito Galtier: perfect
[17:42] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): me makin him a gladiator i think is just dumb luck
[17:42] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): however
[17:43] Crito Galtier: And bad luck for Dene – he was only supposed to be a safe and secure slave
[17:43] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): i bet he challenged bari on purpose cuz the Consul would have given him intel on me that i would do something like i did to protect him from himself
[17:43] Denebola Fairywren: Ohhh that is GREAT
[17:43] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): oh yeah and he’s got a mouth on him that dene, and crito keeps finding himself stepping in between me and my command to kill him ;) oh i just had that vision haha
[17:44] Denebola Fairywren: Oh crap
[17:44] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): lol no?
[17:44] Denebola Fairywren: That ties well to the power stuggle from earlier
[17:44] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): lol no?
[17:44] Denebola Fairywren: That ties well to the power stuggle from earlier
[17:44] Denebola Fairywren: and I had to play both hands
[17:44] Crito Galtier: wait i’m lost
[17:45] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): ok where did you take the wrong turn?
[17:45] Crito Galtier: Explain this again: oh yeah and he’s got a mouth on him that dene, and crito keeps finding himself stepping in between me and my command to kill him
[17:46] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): well remember today?
[17:46] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): dene got himself in trouble?
[17:46] Crito Galtier: yes
[17:46] Crito Galtier: So Dene’s the one with the mouth
[17:47] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): dene’s got a mouth on him, and keeps trying to flirt or get me to like him, etc … and that mouth is getting him in more and more trouble to the point that every now and again i order “kill him” about Dene (i.e. kill Dene) andonce i’ll order you to do it hahahaha … but you crito, keep steppin in to work me down from my anger to protect him
[17:48] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): yes? no? lol this is for future rp though
[17:49] Denebola Fairywren: Works for me, that is where I had a feeling that was going down that line
[17:49] Crito Galtier: Oh I love it!
[17:50] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): can i share this stuff with barilous if he comes up with that his network would have seen something like that murder? lol
[17:50] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): he needs to know where he can work in maybe lol
[17:50] Denebola Fairywren: I am cool with it
[17:51] Crito Galtier: and all along Domina does not know the it was Dene’s parents she killed either so I am the only one that knows the tie?  Sorry if that is just catching up with me here.
[17:51] Denebola Fairywren: So at this point, I am still trying to pry and win you over
[17:51] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): correct well i only personally killed his mother lol
[17:51] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): ed killed his father
[17:51] Filipa Thespian Otacilius (filipa.thespian): and i have nightmares over it cuz that’s not something i would normally have done

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