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Author Topic: Thraex and Trenticus battle for supremacy  

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[07:13] Taurus smiles slowly, taking the wooden gladius and testing it's weight, before checking that the wood is undamaged, for even a practice weapon can cost a life if the wrong eyes watch from the balcony above. "The day I call you brother Germanicus. will be the day I call a goat laid out on the butcher's slab the same....you open your mouth and beg all Rome to piss in it for your imagined freedom. Come, I tire of your attempts to command, you are far from Primus yet."
[07:14] Germanicus Trenticus hears Amun summon the yard boy, who promptly walks over handing him his sword. He takes the training sword and drags his foot over the sand as a bull ready to give charge and then walks to one side to settle a matter long overdue, teach the Thracian dog a lesson as it were. He merely smirks at Thraex's words. "Come on cunt! Show us what you got!" he laughs
[07:17] Silver stands on the balcony, called to it by the sound of raised voices, and heated words coming from the sands. Recognizing the thick Thracian accent of Thraex, she watches as He and Germanicus taunt one another; knowing they are battling for unofficial position within the Ludus.
[07:18] Amun watches the two move to the corner of the yard to practice and signals for the gladiatrix to come over. His look a stern one but then it was rarely any different. 'Explain your abscence from being branded slave' The title of gladiator was always used mockingly for those that had yet to be seered, and 'slave' was no different. As until the fighters were marked he considered them as much gladiators as the yard slaves that fetched water and weapon.
[07:23] Sofia Boots sees Thraex and Germanicus take to the sand to settle their issues like Lance and Vector had done. Moving over to watch, but attention snaps to Doctore as he adressed her loud and sharp. She straightens up a bit "Doctore. My presence was required for viewing by a Roman." she dips her head at that. Then looks back up slowly, saying somewhat timid "I remain present now, Doctore."
[07:25] Taurus face Germanicus, and balances himself in a way that will give his opponent little clue as to which way he intends to move once the fight has commenced, although it is clear that Trenticus is in no mood for subtle swordplay. "Perhaps show me what you have Trenticus, aprt, that is from a tongue that is as loose and flapping as an old whore's cunt," he taunts, a flash of flowing moonlit hair from the balcony reminding him exactly why he took an oath, when death in the mines would have been preferable to playing Rome's games.
 [07:28] Germanicus Trenticus not hesitating to make the first move, hearing Thraex's words, he circles around Thraex slowly as he sizes him up to determine where the first strike will fall, He sees the Thracian's left flank vulnerable and leaps forward with his sword, aiming at the Thracian's rib cage, yet bringing his shield up at the same time to ward off a possible counter attack
[07:29] Silver chews on her bottom lip as the voices of Thraex and Trenticus rise above the din, their verbal jabs preceding the physical blows that are about to begin as they position themselves, circling each other like tigers before the attack.
[07:29] Amun was about to launch into a tyrade but instead finds himself only being able to give a grunt of acceptance. Romans who had coin to buy the company of a gladiator, rarely would take no even when the fighter was required for such things as this. 'Then ready yourself' he signals to one of the yard slaves to fetch the brand but it would take a few minutes for it to be heated suffciently to leave a perfect mark. 'does this roman intend on sponsoring you?'
[07:33] Sofia Boots glances over curious to the clash of the titans, really. Eager to see who would win between the two large fellas. But tries to keep focus on Doctore of course, she steps a bit closer, standing straight again as she says "Fraid not Doctore. The Roman coins seem to find greater interest in me as a whore, then a fighter." she smirks at that. Seems the viewer was more of getting groped and fingered then learning about Abal's ability to fight in the arena. She takes a few deep breaths to ready herself for what would no doubt hurt like hell, more then the handmade tattoos no doubt.
[07:35] Taurus takes satisfaction in the fact he was right, the man has little time for niceties, and drives his wooden blade straight for his ribs, a hard strike but with enough warning to allow him to dodge it by the smallest margin, the raised shield allowing his to lunge forward and attack low, aiming a powerful kick at Germanicus slightly bent knee. knee
[07:39] Silver inhales slowly, once again whispering a prayer to her goddess for the Thracian's safety and victory as TRenticus attacks...and Thraex responds in kind.
[07:41] Germanicus Trenticus grunts painfully as the Thracians foot makes hard contact with his bent knee. He curses "Oh that's right,.you Thracians are asses and thus kick as suits an ass!" He circles around him, his eyes moving over the Thracian. He lunges forward but only halfway as he pulls a bluff on the Thracian pretending to aim towards his right chest, through he squats quickly, and does a backward spin aiming it at the Thracian's right calf, intending to kick his feet out from under him
 [07:45] Amun circles round her indeed, leaving her with little choice but to face towards the fight that was going on. His large callused hand reaching for the back of her neck, while his other roughly yanks at the straps of her top intending on getting the area between the shoulder blades bare for her brand. 'Romans enjoy having things they can flaunt and own, it would not surprise me once they have seen your abilities in the arena, that they will be more inclined to purchase you to keep in some private cage' The yard slave returning with the now heated brand. 'Abel, the brand you about to be marked with is more than just that of ownership of this ludus it is proof that you show promise. Promise that you are more than a common slave, one who has courage, spirit and skill to rise to the greatest heights of the arena...that you can stand like a titan amongst those round you and bring pleasure to the Roman Gods themselves' His words spoken clearly, wanting her to believe every word he said, and they could indeed come to pass. 'Train, learn and grow to be the finest gladiatrix in the history of Rome, claim your future, your freedom with the blood of your enemies, so that all may remember your name through the echos of time' he lifts the brand holding it just above the required spot so she could feel it's already seering heat. 'Abel...pledge yourself, your honor to this ludus by reciting the Sacramentum Gladiatorum'
[07:51] Taurus snorts at Trenticus's words, although he watches him with intense concentration, looking for the first sign that he intends to press home another attack..."you dance prettily Germanican, perhaps Domina would see you put aside blade, and have you serve in the villa alongside the slave girls." His last word ending in a grunt as his opponent lunges forward with little warning, only spin backwards, and aim for his calf as he moves to defend..the change blindingly fast. The man's feet lashing out at him, he avoids a kick so hard it would shatter his leg, but he still falls, his body twisting even before he lands he grabs a fistful of sand and throws it in Germanicu's face, hoping it will allow him sufficient time to counter attack
[07:51] Sofia Boots stands firm as Amun moves behind her, tugging the straps of her long-armed shrug down. As she listens to his words she keeps a serious expression on her face, breathing deep and slow. A hand goes to discreetly untie the leather strap around her arm. She needs to believe his words of glory and honor, even when she deep down knew she was indeed nothing more then a slave still, a piece of meat for the Romans to have fun with and use for their own goals. But she pushed this to the back of her mind every day to keep sane, and today more so, raising her chin proud at the end she says out loud "I commit my flesh, my mind, my will to the glory of this ludus and the commands of my Dominus and Domina. I swear to be burned, chained, beaten or die by the sword in pursuit of honor in the arena!" having memorized that oath now for this. She slips the leather strap into her mouth to muffle herself. While she was a tough girl, been to the mines even, she knew this would hurt more so then most things, and Abal did not want to scream in pain during the branding.
[07:58] Amun gave her credits he spoke it well, as if she had been preparing for this moment. Her worth to the ludus increased threefold with just this one mark on her back. His grip on her neck getting tighter, keeping her from pulling away from the brand while it is held the required amount of time before being eased away. Although unlike others she had seemed not to even try, but instead choose to stand and bare the pain. Looking the brand over ensuring that the edges were clean and well marked he hands the brand back off to the slave who takes it away. 'You did well Dimachaerus, take water and a few minutes rest'
[07:59] Germanicus Trenticus smirks as the Thracian lands hard on the sand, though his kick did not land home, the Thracians attempt to avoid it still had the desired effect. He laughs at him "And you dance poorly, dog!" ignoring that Thracian's attempt to make him lose his temper altogether, thereby losing control, which were things he had placed far from him when he became a warrior on the battle field. Too late does he turn his head from the sand the Thracian hurls towards his face, his mouth having been open as he had spoken to the Thracian, recieved a mouthful of sand as did his eyes. He stumbles back fast, spitting the sand from his mouth and blinking his now burning eyes as he knows he is at an immense disadvantage with the sands in his eyes, though he manages to blink them rapidly as he keeps backing up and raises his sword arm to his face, where he wipes his forearm over his eyes, his shield held out protectively in front of him
 [08:07] Sofia Boots feels the brand against her skin, a split moment after that overwhelming flood of pure undiluted pain wash over her senses. Anyone sane instinctively would try to move, and every part of her body cringes and turns in the pain. She however manages to keep her neck somewhat steady, of course helpts that the Doctores massive and strong hand was holding her there in place. Her teeth bite hard on the leather strap she had stuffed in her mouth, muffled cry of pain escapes her briefly. Adrenalin quickly kicks in, Abal now able to focus a bit consciously. She just closed her eyes and concentrates on her breathing as the red hot metal burns it way deep into her flesh. Once pulled away, it leaves a smoldering wound on her backside. Abal lets out a deep moan and falls to one knee on the sand below, breathing fast and heavy as she recovers from the branding. Eventually she opens her eyes again, mumbling out "It would be done... So it was."
[08:07] Silver gasps as Thraex goes down, only to grip the railing of the balcony as she sees His hand pick up the sand and hurl it towards Trenticus. Hearing the Northernman's sputtering and seeing His shield move protectively in front of him as he tries desperately to clear the sand from His eyes. She can only watch as their sparring takes an ugly turn...
[08:09] Taurus snarls like a wolf scenting victory when the man he has come to hate, falls for a trick that is commonly used by a pit fighter, his own time fighting at Marcellu's command in just such a place having taught him to fight dirty...if it works. Knowing he has little time to press home advantage, he falls upon the retreating Germanican, with a flurry of kicks and strikes that ring round the training square, as usual word of both a branding, and what seems like a blood feud between newly branded gladiators spreading like wildfire, the public gallery quickly filling with baying spectators
 [08:11] Amun looked over now that the branding was done in time to see the murmillo blinded by the sand. It was a dirty move, but one that could ultimately save the fighters life. Plus the mob enjoyed seeing the occasional flash of something other than the normal fighting of a gladiator. It was all about providing a show and seeing the germanican all back, would have had the crowds screaming for him to retake the offensive. 'enough!' he roars at the two, deciding that hatred and anger could be used to spice the fight up in the arena, especially when fans of the two could then clash over who was the better fighter. Such ferocity would indeed make both men quickly known. Turning away from the fight the other germanicans waste no time in setting on the thracian intending on keeping him from injuring their blinded kinsman, protecting their own.
[08:13] Germanicus Trenticus not having heard Doctore's call, now seething with anger he rolls over the ground as the Thracian kicks at him. He jumps to his feet, staggering some and the with all his might swings his shield towards the thracian's head, intending to knock him down wo he may throw his fully body weight on him
[08:14] Amun calls to abel once more. 'Dimachaerus.. when the medicus comes, make sure you get her to look at your brand' Abel was afterall now a valued commodity. 'The scuffle behind him ignored at least for a few moments, although if need be he was ready to use the whip to seperate them like you would with fighting mongrels
 [08:17] Sofia Boots pulls herself up to stand. The burn on her back clear as day, big red area on her tanned skin around it. Not a single drop of blood though. She staggers over to the pillar and leans against it as her legs shakes a bit. Reaching out she grabs for the mug of water the yardboy brought as instructed by their Doctore. She takes a quick chug, then goes to pour the mug on over her head, cold water washing over her head, down her back too washing over the brand. That wakes her the fuck up again "Woah..." mumbling something in Persian. Then looks up at Amun and nods firmly "Yes Doctore. Thank you..." dipping her head respectfully. Her full attention turns to the sands again to watch the struggle between the Thracian and the Norse.
[08:17] Taurus either chooses not to hear Doctore's command, or simply fails to hear it in his eagerness to prove his status above his enemy. Either way the unexpected strike to his head has him roaring in pain, blood streaking his temple, only his pure rage keeping him pressing home, throwing himself at Germanicus legs in the hope of bringing him down...the other gladiators gathering round now, as the fight degenerates into something far more dangerous than simple sparring
[08:20] Silver bites her bottom lip to keep from crying out as TRenticus's shield crashes onto Thraex's head, blood coursing down the side of His head, and the roar of the spectators the Germanican's reward
[08:21] Germanicus Trenticus knocked off his legs as the Thracian dives at him, he lands hard. His sword and shield now discarded his right first shoots out towards the Thracian's face as the Thracian lands on top of him and the two gladiators begin rolling over the sands, punches flying back and forth between them
 [08:26] Taurus tries to reach the fallen shield, intending to use it to batter his opponent's face to a pulp if he can....the gathered gladiator's screaming for whoever they support, demonstrating there are many ethnic factions within the ludus. Just as he thinks he will reach his target, Trenticus's fist lashes out, catching him square in the face, blood splattering both men now as they wrestle like fighting dogs, the sound of fist hitting muscled flesh, and grunts of effort and pain bringing screams of more from those watching
 [08:28] Sofia Boots pushes off the pillar again, testing her balance before stepping on over towards the half-circle forming around the fighting men. Most of them having heard the Doctore though, thus keep a bit clear of any whip-action that could be directed at the struggle now in the sand. She would not place bets on this fight. Although she would likely have picked Germanicus, as he seems physically bigger and stronger then even the already quite massive Thracian. Also Thraex could be a bit of an ass around the Ludus sometime no doubt. His often sour attitude not something Abal thinks does much good to anyone. The adrenalin from the painful branding and the two beasts destroying each other so effectively however makes the Syrian girl grin wide and toothy.
[08:29] Germanicus Trenticus feels his fist making hard impact with the thracians jaw, though the Thracian matches blow for blow, as the fists keep flying, the men rolling over the sands. One of the Thracian's punches lands on his nose, immediately causing his nose to start bleeding. His fury now fuels by his painful blow, his right leg draws upward fast in an attempt to knee the Thracian in his belly
[08:30] Silver turns her head as Trenticus's fist connects with Thraex's nose, blood splattering over them both. Timidly she looks back, the two warriors fighting as if the other is their sworn enemy...when they should be fighting together, not each other. "Stop it," she says softly, "Stop it! STOP!" she begins to scream, her voice drowned out by the cheering Glads, as tears streak down her face.
[08:35] Amun turns now. but clearly not hurried as the other gladiators begin to roar and surround the fight that was no longer about training. A quick glance to the balcony above him making it clear that he had seen and heard the fear in silvers voice, and that such protective action would not go unspoken ofA fortunate factor being that there were only a few thracians, and many more germanics. The latter seeming to be one of the more major forces of authenicity in the ludus than that of the others. He strides over , letting the fight drag on for longer moments, the blows between the two fighters would have many believing that this was the pits and that the fighters were ready to tear each other apart. The close quarters of the fighter keeping his whip from being used effictively so it remains coiled at his side. 'Settus' He pushes to the head of the germaincs side. 'end this now, or i will have a finger from everyone of your group' The words no hollow threat, sparking settus to give the shout for the gladiators to disperse and only now the guards are allowed through to grapple with both Taurus and Trenticus. 'You both think to fucking ignore me' He now roars to them both once the ludus guards had that to their feet. 'do you!'
[08:41] Taurus is still fighting when the guards force they way through, and use the hilts of their weapons to batter him, and Trenticus apart, the added injuries sustained by both gladiators showing that the guards relished the chance to impose their authority when given the chance. Getting unsteadily to his feet, his chest heaving as he tries to regain his breath, he has sustained several injuries that he won't forget in a hurry....but the feral grin on his face shows that he has remembered the sheer pleasure in fighting when it has meaning, and not just at the whim of a Roman.
 [08:43] Germanicus Trenticus breathes heavy in and out, his eyes ablaze with fury as the guards pull them apart by forcibly, battering them in the process, adding to their wounds setting them on their feet. He lets out a growl for the interruption. He wanted this to go on and then reluctantly shifts his eyes to Doctore. "Apologies, Doctore"
[08:46] Sofia Boots looks up to the balcony too, hearing the plea from Silver. Abal like others suspecting something between the house-slave with the long elegant hair and the Thracian gladiator in the sand below. Well if anything, Abal is just a tad envious of Silver. Although their relationship seems to be more the just for the fucking, such not really for Abal. Then the roaring voice of Doctore breaks the chanting of the circle of gladiators. Abal cracks another little toothy grin and steps a bit to she side as others would too. Sometimes its hard to not enjoying when other get into trouble, as they had all been in that situation themselves. She leans in to whisper something back and forth between two Celts on her side.
[08:48] Amun glares between the two, and at least the germaincan seemed to understand the trouble he was in, where as the smile on the thracians face is answered with the doctore moving towards him and aiming a vicious punch to the fighters stomach, intending to knock the wind from him. 'see them both chained, ankle neck and wrist, and confined to their cells' He would see them both whipped given that his hand had been forced publically to deal with the incident, whereas if the fight had taken place in the cells or the bath then it could be overlooked. 'give them time to think on the future in the mines that they seem all to eager to have for themselves'
[08:50] Amun casts a look to Abel as she talks with a couple of fighters in hushed whispers. 'Do not learn from these two Dimachaerus, or you will end up in the same mess'
[08:52] Germanicus Trenticus feels himself led away forcefully by the guards to be taken to his cell and chained there as instructed by Doctore. He casts another glance at the THraican over his shoulder as he is led away, his eyes flashing a promise to the Thracian that this was not the last time they shall meet on the sands.
[08:52] Taurus doubles over when Doctore shows just how angry he is with a vicious punch to his belly that leaves him on his knees. Retching and struggling to draw breath into his lungs. The guards close in, and he is dragged away to be chained in the cells....although the final, pain filled look he shoots to Trenticus says their scores are a very long way from being settled.
 [08:53] Silver sets her jaw, her own anger at the stupidity of the two Gladiators infuriating. Leaving the balcony, she slips to the kitchens, knowing she should not have cried out, but what is one to do when living in Hell on earth with no way out.
[08:59] Sofia Boots nods firmly at the words from Doctore. She was of course unlikely to fight like that, as she did not battle to be alpha male or anything like that. And none of the other Gladiatrixs had challenged her. She would slip into the cell-block after the guards return out. Moving to look between the two now chained gladiators, she smirks a bit, but instead of pointing out it was sort of silly they were fighting each other out of the arena, she just asks "You would live yes? No coughing of blood?". The Thracian seems to manage, looking at Germanicus, she cracks a little grin as he was all messed up from the nosebleed "You would see cloth tugged in nose?", resting her hands on the metal gate of the cell.

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