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Author Topic: Residential Rental Information  

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Welcome to GODS OF VALOR found on the sim called Olympus Lightning.

We are excited to have you here!


Please remember we are a roleplay sim and your home is within the designated roleplay area and therefor, anything that transpires within or to get in, is valid roleplay.


If you have any issues with your rental, please contact any of the following people (preferably in the order of appearance here, if one is not online, please try the next):

    Valeria Arillius (Filipa Thespian)
    Marcus Lupus Arillius (Chewey1971 Resident)
    Crito Galtier


We have the following units available to rent:

    6 Apartments affording 50 prims for L$250/wk
    10 Villas affording 100 prims for L$500/wk

The apartments are a “working man’s” answer to good livin, located above the shops in town  As was done in Rome back then, the entry to the houses are not on the main street (but behind the shops above which they sit).

Finally there are fancy Villa’s for the wealthy who choose to settle in Casilinum, whoever you may be.

We are eternally grateful for your rentals!  These help us to be able to provide this playground for you on a continual basis!  The more we can cover, the sooner we can expand and grow!

If you take on any sort of lead role in the sim such as a vendor or lanista or the vinyard, etc, that has a structure in sim, you get 25 prims on sim for free and additional prims at a reduced rate.


We do not provide refunds, so please be certain before you rent!

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