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Author Topic: Surly New Recruits Punished - The GODS shine favor on Gladiators  

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[16:38] Crito Galtier laughs to himself as he listens to Germanicus give him credit for his sexual escapade. He thought a moment wondering if he should let him think so. It could help his cause in the long run. Then he thought, no. It is best he be truthful. Honesty will gain more confidence then will lies and deceit. He shook his head laughing, "Ah dear Germanicus! I assure you I have some influence around here but I'm afraid it does not reach that far, would that I would love to have that! No, your "queen" must have sought you out on a deal with Dominus. These things happen," he glanced about the table at the fat gladiators that sat amongst them stuffing their faces having never seen such a deal themselves. He glanced back to Germanicus as he nodded, "You have scored well for Dominus. You earned him some denarii.....and perhaps some for you too. Get used to it stallion. German cock is well sought after in Rome. Did I forget to mention that?" he said as he laughed.

[16:40] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) steps out on the balcony, walking up behind her husband, she bends over his shoulder, her hands sliding over his shoulders to skim down his chest until she wraps her arms around his chest. her lips press softly against his cheek, "Ave husband" she whispers softly near his ear.

[16:41] Silver (silverymoon.naidoo) takes a deep breath as seh sees the Domina step onto the balcony. Her feline grace and feral beauty hiding a soul as black as any slaver's. Positioning her slave's mask, the polite smile, and downcast eyes, firmly in place, she turns to fill Her goblet and stand ready to serve it should She desire it.

[16:41] Marcus Lupus Arillius (chewey1971) reaches back with His right hand. cupping her head and neck as she kisses His cheek... growling soft ..the fires of temper still high within him "Ave wife"

[16:46] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) blinks for a moment as he hears Primus' words. "This happens all the time?"

[16:48] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) nuzzles his throat slightly, "you are tense husband, something vexes thee?" she begins to massage his chest, slowly working up to his shoulders

[16:50] Crito Galtier grunts a bit as he swallows his food. "Not as often as one would like. But if enough of them find you it could interfere with your training." He said laughing a bit. "I'm surprised with your name on the shit list that they even let you in the house though. That is not common." He leaned in toward Germanicus again. "See, those are the things that the house can do for you to make your life more livable here. Trust me." he said giving Germanicus a nod.

[16:50] Marcus Lupus Arillius (chewey1971) relaxes slightly under her fingers "That cunt praetor visited today .Odering us to attend for dinner, and the telling Me I had permission within My own walls to kill a slave..!! ... He is lucky I did not remove head from shoulders , and throw his body to the pigs"

[16:51] Silver (silverymoon.naidoo) stands back against the wall, holding Her goblet, watching and wondering how one who can show such callous disregard for those around Her is capable of such genuine affection to Her Husband. Thankful the Domina's back is to her, she lowers her gaze to the wooden planks below her feet and continues to wait.

[16:52] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) frowns some at Primus' words "So if I am on the shit list, you dont think that perhaps this was their way of bestowing a last...favor upon me before they...*motions with his hand accross his throat*.. you know - kill me or something?"

[16:55] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) sighs softly continuing to rub his shoulders. she looks at silver holding a goblet for her and slowly shakes her head no, "gratitude" she speaks softly, but returns her focus to her husband, "you are a very strong and powerful man Marcus, with connections of your own right that far outreach his, yet, would it not be wise to work him into your pocket, rather than anger him to a point we need be looking over shoulder?" she speaks softly as she cradles his head back against her breasts, her fingers having moved up to his temples.

[16:56] Crito Galtier continued eating as he listened to Germanicus seeming to not even notice him running his hand across his neck. Without even looking up, still starring at his food he shakes his head. "What that was was a way for them to earn some denarii using you. Make no mistake about it." he glanced up from his food now looking squarely at Germanicus. "It had NOTHING to do with you. It never does."

[16:58] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) listens intently "I see, so why...if I am a prisoner, did this exotic lady from the east offer me coin? Like when would that be given me and what would that prosper me here in this....place where I shall likely never leave until my blood stains those sands too? What good does coin do me here?"

[17:00] Silver (silverymoon.naidoo) bows her head in ackowledgment to the Domina, and places the goblet on the tray. Grabbing a fresh napkin, she lays it over top to keep sand and debris from blowing into it. Knowing she will want it eventually. Turning to the young npc slave boy, shelifts her chin, tilting it in the direction of the hours old tray of fruits and dirty goblets. Hurriedly he moves to collect them, silver whispering, "Bring up a fresh tray," as he passes her.

[17:00] Marcus Lupus Arillius (chewey1971) closes His eyes. listening to her counsel.softly chuckling to Himself ...Yes Valeria may be the queen bitch when it came to dealing with the slaves both on the sands and in the house. But when it came to matters of politics or dealing with stuffed peacocks sent by the senate. there were none better .. "Aye wife perhaps you are right . but the cunt infuriates Me so ... thinking He is above everyone"

[17:04] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) chuckles softly, leaning down she kisses the top of his head, "oh and we don't know anyone else like that do we" she is grinning and being playful, her lyrical laughter would denote that, yet still she continues soothing him with her deft fingers, "husband, we shall go to his dinner, we shall walk into his home, with our slaves in attendance, dressed well, with our gladiators to line the room to please the eye, and we will eat his food, drink his wine," she pauses, adjusting herself so he might see her face now though its upside down, "and i will make sure he forgets everything but how much he adores us and wants to gain our favor" she steps slowly around before him and guides herself into his lap, smiling into his handsome face.

[17:05] Crito Galtier leans back laughing hard. "What good is coin?" he still laughs. "My dear Germanicus! First of all, perform well and you can buy your freedom from them. That is one way out. But they have to allow it. Meanwhile, most of the guards will turn their heads slightly if you line their purses properly." he said in a soft voice as he glanced around the room at the guards. "I can tell you which ones. You see, there is much I can do for you." he laughed as he recalled the pact they had made the night before.

[17:07] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon): "Yes but she did not give me coin.. she only promised she would pay me generously." he says "Therefore I do not have it in my possession, as yet. Perhaps it will still come... that's to say if the woman spoke truth and not lies to me."

[17:08] Marcus Lupus Arillius (chewey1971) lifts up kissing her softly then chuckling to Himself "Aye, and then I will have his fucking head as a toilet"

[17:10] Silver (silverymoon.naidoo)'s face remained impassive as she heard the Domina speak of going to the Praetor's house, and taking the slaves and Gladiators with them in attendance. Her mind racing, she would have to ensure those chosen to go had appropriate attire, and that the slaves of the Ludus bathed the Gladiators and perfumed them as well...

[17:11] Crito Galtier sighed. "well then she may have given it to Dominus for your keeping." He wrinkled his nose up. "Don't count on seeing that and what ever you do don't ASK for it!"

[17:14] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) shrugs his shoulders. "It wont do me any good in here either way. Even if I did get it, we all know we may not live to see another day.. then again, I think the incident of yesterday may be forgotten perhaps. I have neither seen nor heard anything further about the matter. " he smiles and drinks more water to help fill his growling gut

[17:14] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) caresses his cheek as she kisses him, looking deep into his eyes as he speaks. she chuckles once more, "feel any better now my Love?" she asks softly.

[17:16] Crito Galtier looked Germanicus in the eyes giving a very serious look. "She does not forget anything! Her delay is part of her torture. Making us wait to see what it is. Nay, her wrath will still strike. Trust me." he said as he returned to his food.

[17:17] Marcus Lupus Arillius (chewey1971) nods softly . then remembers... "We had business today . cleopatra's cousin visited the Ludus"

[17:18] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) empties the remaining water and sets his goblet down. He shrugs: "There is a first time for everything, Primus. I shall remain positive about it." he tries to smile in his dapper way and adds:Three more prisoners arrived this day." he says and looks at Primus. "One of them is Germanian too though did not live near where I lived."

[17:20] Silver (silverymoon.naidoo) shifts against the wall, wondering when the Egyptian would be back...

[17:20] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) lifts a brow, now finally nodding to silver for her wine, "wine silver" she looks at her husband, "oh? what is she doing so far from egypt i wonder" her hand slides out behind him, and she looks like she is perfectly comfy there on his lap.

[17:21] Marcus Lupus Arillius (chewey1971) laughs at her question "I think she is trying to fuck her way through your gladiators" and almost anything else with a cock that walks under Jupiters gaze"

[17:24] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) sits up straighter, the look on her face changing to rather tense and aloof, "i see" she speaks softly before finally attempting to get up off his lap

[17:25] Silver (silverymoon.naidoo) moves to the table, lifts the napkin off the goblet and moves to stand next to her Domina. Lifting the goblet to her own lips, she takes a sip, before offering it to Her.

[17:26] Crito Galtier scraped his fingers across the bottom of the bowl cleaning it out then licked his hands and fingers clean before reaching in and grabbing more of the porridge. He filled his bowl again and continued to eat as he spoke to Germanicus. "Do not be a fool with your optimism. It will get you no where here. And will only lead to disappointment." He glanced out at the gladiators standing about eying the new recruits. "Aye I heard of new recruits. And from what I hear one is a Roman." he said giving Germanicus a quick glance. "The Germanian one, not a close brother of yours? ........ yet?"

[17:26] Marcus Lupus Arillius (chewey1971) pulls her back down onto his lap "I said almost anything" He then sends silver to fetch the coin purse that Asura had left eariler " We may not like her Valeria, but her coin is as good as anyone's "

[17:28] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) sighs a little "No...but he appears to be a close brother of the other one who is from Germania as well. It appears the both of them were sold by the ludus where they had been kept together. I fought with the one, who appeared the more stronger fighter. The Roman seemed somewhat less enthusiastic to fight." he informs him.

[17:28] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) struggles a bit as he tries to console her, taking the goblet from silver once more,"gratitude" she says to the girl, her eyes lifting to look at her face as she says it, then back down to her husband as she sips at the wine that did not kill theslave, her brow perking interestedly, "coin you say?"

[17:30] Silver (silverymoon.naidoo) waits for the Domina to take the goblet, smiling as She thanks her, and hurries off to retrieve the pouch from her desk. Feeling the weight of the coins Trenticus earned in her hand, she walks slowly back to where her Dominus and Domina sit

[17:31] Marcus Lupus Arillius (chewey1971) laughs heartily as her eyes brighten at the mention of money "Aye Valeria. Coin. The might Denari.... If she is stupid enough to pay 1500 denari to lay back and have cunt filled with cock...then I am stupid enough to take the coin from her"

[17:33] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) chuckles softly, "oh? and which animal caught the heathen whore's eye then?" she looks over hershoulder at the activity below, and notices finally that it is awfully quiet and devoid of life. she looks at the sky to check the light and frowns, "now i know i am oft distracted by you, but it seems to me there is much daylight left" she pauses and looks up at silver, then down to her husband, "where are the animals, is she fucking them all?"

[17:35] Crito Galtier: "I'll have my turn with them all eventually" he said as he took a sip of water. "I always do." Seeing they were now alone at the table Crito gave a quick glance around making sure the area was clear. He leaned over the table getting closer to Germanicus. He spoke in a soft voice as he starred into his eyes. "What we discussed last night? The promises. We still understand each other right?"

[17:35] Marcus Lupus Arillius (chewey1971) glances down... eyes searching "It was the Germanian ..the new one... as for where are the animals. they are in hiding.. They have been warned that blood will flow this day "

[17:36] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) looks at him confused, "what have i missed?" she asks softly, simply.

[17:36] Silver (silverymoon.naidoo) meets her Domina's eyes for the brief moment they leave her Husband's face. Shaking her head slightly from side to side, her hair waving gently behind her as if she really would know where the Gladiators are hiding.

[17:38] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) nods his head to Primus. "As I said to you, I lay no blame at your feet if that viper decides to extract punishment upon us with the whip, though I will count on your good standing with her to spare my life if she decides to chop my head off instead. Though...*he adds quickly*.. since I have made them coin perhaps they will consider that I might be of some value to their greedy pockets!"

[17:39] Marcus Lupus Arillius (chewey1971) looks into her eyes regaling her with the tale for the previous evening . of how the ludus was lined up . HOw Crito started the cheer. and of out of all teh gladiators , only the cock slayer Abal. joined with the cheer for House Arillius. Marcus continued by telling her how he cut their rations right down . and gave Crito the news that blood would flow becausr of their disrespect

[17:42] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) sits there, staring at him or the longest time, listening to his recounting of the evenings events, "in front of such esteemed company no less?" he could see the slow boil of her blood begin and build into a raging torrent until suddenly, her pale flesh pinkened with the quick pace of her body's life fluid, she rises, stepping to the balcony, facing out into the sand and takes numerous slow breaths, her gaze taking in the sights below that are severely lacking in gladiators training. her fingers grip the railing, her knuckles whitening and still, she focuses on breathng deeply and slowly, counting to 10 before letting each breath out.

[17:45] Silver (silverymoon.naidoo) recognizes the rise of the Domina's tiger, and freezes; knowing her moods are as mercurial as the tides. Stepping back, wanting nothing more than to run, she is stopped by the wall at her back, and forced to stay by the gaurds standing at the doors.

[17:49] Marcus Lupus Arillius (chewey1971) nods watching her anger build. "Aye wife before jupiter and everyone. the animals slighted us. and not one seemed to care, until crito informed them"

[17:56] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) turns her head toward him as he speaks, giving him her profile, but still she finds it difficult to speak. she nibbles upon her lower lip a moment as she contemplates. finally she speaks so very softly, her voice barely a whisper, yet so much more terrifying this way, "Silver" her sharp tongue slides over the S in her name, her gaze staring off to her side, still only affording them both her profile. "go below, tell the guard at the gate all gladiators are to assemble upon the sand before me within 1 minute, or i will send down one guard or legionnaire per gladiator and have the floors painted red with blood." she slowly turns to look back out over the far too empty sand below. but she'd spoken so softly there was no way anyone below could have heard her.

[18:00] Silver (silverymoon.naidoo) looks to her Dominus as He builds the tender for her rage and then strikes the flint and watches the flame catch and begin to crackle. Seeing Him as if for the first time, she watches as He then fans the flames until that tiny spark is a raging inferno the engulfs His wife's senses and drives her blood lust. Hearing her name roll off her DOmina's lips, her blood runs cold as she bows her head, and turns, running through the Villa to do Her bidding.

[18:02] Silver (silverymoon.naidoo) approaches the gate, panting. "Tell Crito...get the glads on the sand...NOW or the Domina will send Legionaires in," she huffs as the guard smirks....looking up, more afraid of HER than him, "NOW, or I will tell the LEgatus that You did not obey HIS WIFE!"

[18:03] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) turns his head as a guard virtually runs in and moves towards Crito

[18:08] Silver (silverymoon.naidoo) slips back onto the balcony, her chest heaving, "It..it is done Domina," she says softly, trying to get her heart rate under control.

[18:09] Crito Galtier takes a bite of his food as one of the guards rushes to him. "Crito, Domina DEMANDS the glads on the sand now. If there is any delay the Legionaries will be here to deal with you all." Crito looks up swallowing his food, gulping being more the case. His stomach tightened as he listened to the guard. "It must be time" he said looking at Germanicus. Standing up from the table he shouted, "Everyone, on the sand now! Attend your Dominus and Domina and make no delay in your steps." He looked down at Germanicus, a sadness coming to his face. "There may be nothing I can do now." he said as he turned and ran to the sand joining the rest if the gladiators there.

[18:09] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) seeing the look on Primus' face, he jumps to his feet. The only thought going through his mind now, is "fuck" as he moves out to the sands followed by the other gladiators who seem to be moving with some speed as well, though some growl their disapproval of the summons of the domina. Germanicus too scoffs in his mind at the very notion that he is supposed to be owned in part by that viper. In his land women are of no respect.

[18:09] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) nods, not turning though, her eyes never leaving th esand, but she is counting softly ... 40, 42, 43....

[18:10] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) glances fleetingly towards the Dominus and Domina and then towards Primus as he waits along with the other gladiators. A muscle in his jaw starts to throb

[18:10] Marcus Lupus Arillius (chewey1971) watches the glads trapse out onto the sands . each one of them fully aware of who had called them out there. Marcus leans back in his chair, an evil self satisfied smirk on his face. Hand reaching out for a goblet of wine

[18:11] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian): 58, 60 ... she suddenly reaches the end of a minute without ever counting all the numbers cuz crito is a prig *sniggers*

[18:12] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) hears Thaex mumbling something though he does so softly and only he, Germanicus hears some of it

[18:13] Crito Galtier looked up toward the balcony seeing both Dominus and Domina there. He straightened his back as if standing at attention as he shouted. "Domina, all men are here and accounted for." he stood back a step falling into line with the others.

[18:13] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) feels slightly more confident than he suspects the rest do. After all he did make his owners some coin. Surely that will account for something!

[18:14] Silver (silverymoon.naidoo) sees her Dominus's hand, and moves to get His goblet. Her hand shaking, she pours the wine into the vessel. TAking a deep breath to calm herself, she smiles politely and turns to serve her Dominus.

[18:15] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) continues standing there, having counted the 60 seconds out slowly, and watching all the men come out, those who have been with her a while practically running, while the new men saunter and snicker and otherwise scoff at her. oh this did not help her ire at all, she speaks, not shouts, her voice still unusually calm ... stoic ... firm, but not shouting, not raging. the calm before the storm perhaps ... she points at the guard standing to the side of teh entrance to the sands, "Stupidicus, separate the new recruits from our long term residents, i want them up front"

[18:18] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) watches as the guard separates the others from them. Only he and the new recruits remain standing up front, including those new recruits who were sent here today, who seem perplexed by this sudden calling out to the sands

[18:20] Crito Galtier stands back a bit making room up front as the new recruits made their way to the front. He glanced up toward Domina as he could sense her rage. This was not going to be pretty. He only prayed she spare the mens lives.

[18:21] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) glances up towards Domina along with some of the others. Her face clearly drawn in anger, he watches and listens

[18:21] ?????? (serenemcdouglas) shouts: *follows the girls guidance easily, terribly grateful to the Gods for allowing her this one small joy. She nods in the direction of the girl's voice, "seems as though it took us no time at all to make our way *she turns to the guard on her right, having heard his shuffling feet as he seemed to be correcting his stance* Ave, I am come to settle a bit of business regarding the rental of this wonderful slave here. *she gently squeezed the girls hand* Please inform the Lanista of my arrival, and my hopes that she will see me now"

[18:25] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) singles out the man in the center, the new germanic bastard, "you" she speaks still in that cold, calm, quiet tone, just standing there, staring at him for the longest time, finger extended in his direction, "what do you want more than anything else in this life?"

[18:29] ?????? (serenemcdouglas) shouts: *smiles as the guards allow her entrance with great reverence in their voices. She lets the girl at her side, pass through the doors a moment before her as the guards instruct her through the brown door on the right once inside*

[18:30] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian): [18:25] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) singles out the man in the center, the new germanic bastard, "you" she speaks still in that cold, calm, quiet tone, just standing there, staring at him for the longest time, finger extended in his direction, "what do you want more than anything else in this life?"

[18:32] Piripě (candydandy04) walked the Oracle onto the balcony and instantly stood her near a seat, less she feel the need to sit. She offered a timid smile to Domina and SIlver while guiding the God's precious vessel. Not speaking unless she was spoken to.

[18:33] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) looks at Domina's finger extended towards him. In his land he would have broken that finger. "What do I want more than anything else in this life?" he repeats thinking to himself if he really said what was on his mind, being that he would love to see all Roman dogs slaughtered, he suspects it would be a bad thing. He shrugs some, after all he is a warrior, fighting is in his blood, death the ultimate destiny of most warriors. "My freedom!" is all he responds to her with

[18:34]  Asura?The lady Sly Fox walked to the balcony with a happy smile on her face and looked to silver "Wine please"  she looked to the woman in black and raised her brow "Is that Marcus' wife there?" she asked silver under her breath

[18:35] Silver (silverymoon.naidoo) barely nods, her head moving up and down, as she moves to get Asura's wine...

[18:35] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) stands there, looming over the railing, staring down at the men below with fire in her eyes yet the most unusual calmness about her person, "define freedom" is all she says, still pointing at him.

[18:36] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) repolies without hesitation. "Going home, to my land... Germania, and what's left of my family if there be any left!" he replies almost in a thin tone as he speaks of his family

[18:37] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) continues to speak calmly, "and if there is none left of your family? your home? what is freedom then?"

[18:37] ?????? (serenemcdouglas) walked trustingly to where the slave girl led her, feeling the chair nearby, she smiled, her fingers laying on the girls hand as she listened to the commotion around her ensue, the loud yell of a male down below her making her jump slightly in surprise, recognizing the voice as belonging to the Germanian man from only a few nights ago, she turned her unseeing eyes downward in the direction of his shouts, wondering how he fared in his self preoclaimed prison

[18:39] Piripě (candydandy04) helped the lady sit and lastly, placed her hand on the arm rest of the chair. "Would you like some refreshment Era?" she asked before assuming the nomal position. Her back pressed against the balcony wall.

[18:39] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) eyes move towards the ORacle whom had already told him his life would never be beyond these walls.. He looks back to the viper addressing him "Then my freedom will be when I return to take my RIGHTFUL place with my land's warriors on the battlefield!" his tone comes out more forceful this time and more determined as his piercing blue eyes fix themselves squarly on that viper's eyes.

[18:39]  Asura?The lady Sly Fox walked up to the railing looking out at her favored fighter and shook her head solemnly "oh gladiator" she turned and sighed rubbing her forhead "Ave Oracle" she stode over to the blind woman and bowed her head, it was sign of respect weather or not she could see it.

[18:41] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) eyes move for a brief instant to that exotic female where his lips had ravaged her in places he had not tasted in a long time. For a moment his eyes make contact with her but then he slides his piercing gaze back to those of the Viper

[18:41] ?????? (serenemcdouglas) sits with slow grace and nods in the direction of the girls voice, "please, only a little wine child", she says quietly, her smile never wavering as she heard a voice near her address her in greeting, "Ave, Eras...", she says still in her calm quiet voice

[18:43] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) snorts, actually chuckling after a fashion, an erie sound, her hand lowering to join the other upon the railing, the other woman's interruption being studiously ignored, though silver, knowing her better and better each day, would see the tightening of her jaw as her teeth grind together in agitation. but her focus remains on the man below, "death on some nameless forgotten battlefield where only the victor writes history and the hordes of bodies lay strewn broken and bloody in piles upon the dank frozen ground ... is this really what you crave?" she turns at the sound beside her, the voice she recognized from the bathhouse, and stares at her a moment as if placing someone you know when they are not where they should be ... suddenly her mind catches up from her anger with the men below, "Ave good Oracle" she curtsies slightly but doesn't miss a step, "you have come to witness a valued lesson given have you?"

[18:44] Piripě (candydandy04) as soon as she heard the request Piri turned to find a clean goblet and the usual pitcher of wine in their rightful places. Pouring the thick liquid only half filling the cup, Piri set the pitcher back in its place and returned to the Oracle. Placing the goblet at her finger tips, Piri let her voice down low "Your wine Era." it was a pleasure to serve the lady. She was so gentle and kind. When the Oracle took the vessel Piri quickly backed up to stand behind the free, watching for any gesture coming from them should they need anything.

[18:48] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) sighs hard. Obviously that woman cannot conceive in her little mind that warriors fight for the honor of their land as well as the honor of their family and their own honor as warriors. "Yes..."he replies "If Domina understand the heart of a warrior then that would indeed seem a viable freedom a warrior would request, should he return home and find that his family are no longer - which may be true of this warrior. I have seen my father and a brother killed on the battle field. I know of another brother of mine who was taken captive by you Romans...*he pauses a moment tand tries to contain himself lest he errupts*... and as such the only one I know of who may be left of my kin would be my betrothed whom I have but laid with once on the night of our betrothal!"

[18:51] ?????? (serenemcdouglas)'s composed expression faltered slightly as she heard the near unearthly malicious sound come from her left, the Lanist'as voice cutting through like a knife, "Ave Lanista *she says bowing her head slightly in respect to the great Lady's station* I am sure any lesson you care to teach will be no less than what is should be", her voice fades off slightly as the cup of wine is touched gently to her fingers, she grips the cup and slowly takes a sip to calm herself before continuing. "While the lessons are sure to be as entertaining as you will them, I am here on a small bit of unfinished business I began yesterday with your husband"

[18:53] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) looks from man to man below, "for you, the battle of your homelands is over ..." she pauses, her gaze falling again on trent, "for now" with that, her hand lifts, her wrist flips and with that simple movement, two very large guards, stupidicus being one of them, step forward and take trent's arms firmly in hand. another flick of her wrist and Doctore steps out with his whip. the guards turn trents back toward Doctore and the snakebite of leather tears into the flesh of the man's back for the first time, "is there no one here who would stand up for this man?" her gaze falls upon crito and she slowly shakes her head negatively, silently telling him to butt out and say nothing.

[18:53] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) notices the other gladiators have fallen silent as they seem to watch in expectation, some eyes upon him and others upon Domina

[18:55] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian)'s hand will flick in the air every now and then signalling the Doctore to whip again, and again, seemingly relentless.

[18:56] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) head snaps back as the leather tears into his flesh upon his back as his arms are held by the guards. His face tences but his eyes remain fixed on Domina as he shows her his strength

[18:57]  Asura?The lady Sly Fox sighed trying not to listen to the gladiator speak and cleared her throat quietly. she placed a soft hand onto the oracles and spoke in a soft voice to her"How are you fareing Oracle?"

[18:57] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) bites down on his jaws, his face contorts with pain as each strike upon his back cuts deeper. His eyes filling with hate as he now glares at the viper in his agony

[18:58] Crito Galtier tilts his head a bit as Domina calls in him to save Germanicus. But what was he to do? His honor now lay between him and her. He wanted to save Germanicus but knew better at this moment. His back wold heal. At least there wasn't a sword at his throat.......yet. He remained quite as he looked back up toward Domina just giving her a blank stare.

[18:59] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) head continuously snaps back as strike after strike of the whip makes contact with his flesh

[19:01] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) pauses the movements of her hand, making a fist and Doctore's whip stops, she looks out among the gladiators, then at the new men in front. she nods to the man that was next to trent and the guards drop him unceremoniously and move to take warticus in hand as they had germanicus before him, just as quickly, Doctore's whip begins following Domina's hand but on this man's back instead, "no one will save this man either?" she asks out, louder still, her gaze sweeping over the crowd of gladiators behind these new recruits.

[19:01] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) bears his teeth now as the strikes begin to reach a level of near intolerance, but he braces himself, his blue piercing pain-filled eyes defiant still as they look upon Domina's eyes, flashing with anger at the humiliation he is being subjected to

[19:05] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) looks on as the other man receives the same punishment. Germanicus's back feels as though it is on fire, his body shaking as the pain of the agonizing whipping rages on him, he opens and closes his fists as he tries to deflect that pain but even the hairs of his head now inflict pain on the open, tears, his back bloody as he looks to the other man's agony

[19:05] ?????? (serenemcdouglas) tilts her head to the quiet sound of the other female near her, clearing her throat. she gave a small start of surprise when the soft hand was placed on hers, instantly closing her eyes and becoming very still as images flashed of this woman's past. she gasped softly and her fingers grip the chair. she opens her eyes and quells the flow of images as quickly as they had come. Turning in her chair she faced the direction the woman's quiet voice came, "Ave, Era...forgive a poor blind woman her little shocks, as my eyes see no more than that which the blessed Gods desire of me. I fare well, Era and hope to find you in the same frame?", she says softly, a little shaken still from the sudden contact and the flood of images

[19:09] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian)'s hand flicks a few more times for this man's back before waving the guards on to the next man, this is repeated on each of the new recruits until once again, the guards stand before germanicus, him and those he entered her life with, all bloody, doubled over. she lifts her gaze and with them, her voice to make sure it carries to the furthest man to the back of the sands, "and why has none stepped forward to spare these men the pain of the lash?"

[19:10] AphrisSura smiled "tis okay, i know the fright of unknown touches" she recalls before when Marcus would stand behind her hand grab her ass, giving her a frieght from the gods "i fare well...well, i was till i woke to find the gladiator i fell asleep with out in the sand recieving punishment" she sighed and bit her lip "but if you escuse me, i must go to the Inn and deal with some matters" she patted the womans hand and raised the other to the Domina "fare well" she muttered and left silently

[19:10] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) legs suddenly give way and he drops to one knee for a moment.

[19:11] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) shaks his head to clear it and after taking a few deep breaths he stumbles on to his feet once more

[19:13] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) takes several deep breaths as he tries to ignore the raw flames that seem to play on his back still. He raises his eyes up once more, large droplets of sweat now running from his face

[19:17] Crito Galtier looks around at the men standing with him. He heard clearly Domina's question. He turned to the men behind him the back to Domina. Looking at the whipped and beaten men before him as they lay on the ground squirming and writhing in pain he stood up straight. The men behind him looking to Crito to make the first move he spoke loudly and proudly. "They have forsaken the sacred sand Domina! Those that have gone before us! And they dishonor us! They dishonor the men who fight beside them, to protect them. Men who would want to call us brothers. And the dishonor this house Domina! " The other men began repeating his words as if they were proclaiming words from a god as they all spoke up, the ones in front spitting on the poor wretched souls that cried in pain before them.

[19:20] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) casts a glance towards Primus as he hears his words. His eyes flash angrily at him as he hears the words he and the other men chant at the likes of himself and the others whose backs had been tore by the whip.

[19:21] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) ponders to himself if his words is going to call down further wrath upon them or are they done finally?

[19:22] ?????? (serenemcdouglas) slowly turned her head away from the wretched cries of pain of the whipped and beaten men in the sands. Hearing the shout of the Primus made her jump slightly in her chair, the proclamation loud and made to lead the rest to follow his words. She slowly brought a hand to her breast, her heart beating a notch faster at the goings on down below her in the sands. She sent a silent prayer to the Gods that these men be spared a slow death when it came, their suffering written as surely as the will of the Gods in their own blood, mixed in the gritty grains of the sand beneath them

[19:23] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) feels the splatter of someone's spit hit his back. He spins around and glares at the man who is nearest. "You're dead!" he seethes at him angrily "Nobody spits on Germanicus, least of all one such as you!" he hisses

[19:27] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian)'s arm stretches out suddenly, her finger once more pointing at Germanicus, "you have dishonored yourself upon this battlefield, you have embarrassed and dishonored all the men who stand there with you and all those who are gone from this life." she continues on, "you claim you know honor upon the battlefield and yet you prove only that you know how to spit upon sacrifice and honor of this battlefield," she waves her hand about signalling the sands beneath their feet, "you have no right to claim honor on any battlefield if you cannot show it on this one," her brow nits in her anger, "let every man and woman here, you brothers and sisters, you branded gladiators, stand proud and tall before the might of your predecessor's passing." her eyes follow around the sands trying to touch upon each man and woman below, "know that you will be met with open arms, flowing rivers of wine and tables creaking under the weight of so much food ... women, men, families, and all things good and wonderful ... when you find your brothers and sisters in the afterlife" she calls out, "for you are Gladiators," her voice continues to climb in volume and fervor, "you are the might and the pride," her hand lifts up over her head, guiding their eyes heavenward, "you are the honor and the glory," her eyes close as she shouts at her loudest, nearly chanting in her passionate proclamation, "you are Gladiator, YOU ARE THE PRIDE OF ROME!" she shouts, her throat straining. At that moment, the clouds above them part, letting the sunlight beam down upon the men on the sands behind the new recruits, as if on cue or called upon, she looks out over them seeing this and takes full advantage, "even the Gods look down upon you and grant you their favored love" she signals the shaft of sunlight.

[19:31] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) turns his face back to the front as he hears Domina's voice. This time he does not look at her, his eyes too reflective of the pain reverberating throughout his body, though he hears her words and yet he doesn't either as he is seething with fury and humiliation at what was done here to him and the others. He feels the sun beating down on his raw back now, not lending any relief to the flames that keep taunting him

[19:37] Crito Galtier gazes up at the sky as it opened up bathing the loyal men with the warmth of sunlight. It was as if she commanded the heavens to open. Crito turned to look upon the rest of the men standing in the sun as he smiled, beating his fist against his chest as his own blood stirred. Surely the gods were looking upon them and bringing glory to this house. He turned back toward Domina smiling proudly. "Even the heavens part to your words Domina!" he shouted. Lifting his hand in the air he continued in a loud voice, "Honor to ROME! Honor to house Arillius!" The men behind him repeated his words shouting louder than ever before as they too raised their fists in the air in tribute.

[19:40] ?????? (serenemcdouglas) turns her head slowly as she hears the Lanista speak, the steady words holding the true might and pride of Rome. She held the hand at her breast tighter to her as her fingers clenched into fists, knowing that the Germanian would bristle with inlaid fury and humiliation at those fervent words. Each sentence growing louder and louder until she felt the rays of sunlight on the hand in her lap, the heat of the ray warming her pale skin. The Gods did smile on the Gladiators, she could feel the heat make it's way to her bones. With care she shifted herself, opening her palms up to the rays, suplicating herself to the eyes of the Gods, without care of the eyes that might watch her. Images of the fates of these men and women flashing before her eyes, some grisly, others more kind to her sight. Destinies of those sould bound to fight, to show their silent pride on their bare backs under the weighty stares of the Roman populous. As she closed her hands the clouds gathered again, the bright rays of sunlight fading

[19:40] ?????? (serenemcdouglas):  as quickly as they came. Finally she raised her head, her eyelids rising slowly, a single tear falling down her pale cheek from the visions of fallen warriors

[19:41] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) breathes in and out hard as he gazes into the sand by his sandals, sand that no longer reflects sand, but a marred blur before his eyes. Weeks of being chained in the galley of a ship, now half rations for food and this whipping too now are starting to take their toll. He glances at some of the gladiators who still lie on the sand. Only a few remained standing, though weakened by their punishment. He prays inwardly that he will not pass out as he knows that would satisfy this blood-thirsty Viper more than anything.

[19:46] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) finally waves her hand hard, "see medicus tend each of them with great care" her gaze sweeps over the whipped men below as if pondering something intently before surprisingly, she calls down, "and restore their rations, i want them eating properly" she looks up at crito and the gladiators with him who have made her proud, she speaks to the gladiators, "have the rest of the men served their gruel with some meat, and wine" her eyes pin Crito and her supple lips give the slightest hint of a smile "help your new brothers to be, learn what it means to be Gladiator and to find themselves within my good graces." her gaze falls once more upon Germanicus, the weight of the coinpurse in her hand pulling in her memory, "no more harm is to befall these new recruits without it comes from me."

[19:51] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) hears with relief spilling through his body that the punishment is over. He starts to sway suddenly. Perhaps the sudden relief knowing it is over, perhaps that tension within him, thinking that more blood would run perhaps...what ever it is, he doesn't know why he suddenly sways. He lifts his eys up towards Domina, trying his best to remain steady on his feet. He feels a hand grabbing his arm. He looks to his right as the one who spat on him grabs him to steady him. He turns to swing a punch at the man and finds instead the man's fist connecting squarly with his jaw. His eyes roll back and he sways again as the knock throws him backwards and he lands on the sand

[20:00] Crito Galtier nods as Domina's words finish. He smiled to himself knowing that meat was returning ...... to most. He looked into the ludus seeing the medicus standing there on the ready. Having heard the goings on he knew he would be busy. Crito stepped forward to Germanicus as he examined his back. It ws bad but not as bad as he had seen before. He motioned to the medicus as he came running out to Crito. "See to this one first." he said as he looked into Germanicus' eyes. Suddenly Germanicus began to sway and then threw a punch to the man trying to help him. Crito sighed as he watched Germanicus fall to the ground. "Will this one never learn?" he asked the men standing around him. The medicus sighed as the mans whip marks were now filled with sand as he landed on his back. He turned him over shaking his head. "Take this one to my room. He'll need washing first." he said with a sigh of disgust. Crito leaned down to Germanicus as he whispered into hie ear hoping he was still conscious. "Remember what i said yesterday about words." is all he said as he stood back and watched him being tended to.

[20:03] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) eyes flicker open, though the world still spins about him. He hears Primus' words just as he regains his consciousness. He feels himself helped to his feet by someone. A man on each side it seems as they pull him to his feet and steady him

[20:05] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) stumbles inside as the two men aid him to the medicus' room

[20:05] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) eases into a seat beside the Oracle, "apologies good Oracle, you ahve come to see me and you were detained for such things" she turns to look at her, "what brings you here this eve good Oracle?" she smiles upon the woman though she cannot see her

[20:11] ?????? (serenemcdouglas) remained quietly composed as the world moved around her. The voice of the Lanista carrying across the Ludus sands with brisk command. She heard the calls of the Primus as he beckoned the medicus. Without any artifice, she gently folded her hands in her lap, as the Lanista took the seat next to her. She turned towards the direction of the woman's voice, a small smile on her lips at the woman's words, "no apology needed, Lanista...your reputation preceeds you I must say as far as the Gladiators go. *she pauses and lifts a hand, placing it on the arm of her chair, her long fingers curling over the spiraled design* My presence here is only pertaining to the rental of one of your lovely slaves. I believe the child's name is Piripi. I came only yesterday in search of purchasing a slave, but the Legatus, your noble husband, had told me that for the time being I may rent one of your own house to care for my needs?", she spoke quietly, her calm voice causing no stir

[20:12] Trent Sheldon (trentsheldon) is led into a room at the back where he is guided inside and made to lay face down on a table of sorts. His head still swimming, it does not occur to him at this particular moment that Primus has seen to it that the medicus tends to his wounds first. He groans load as they start to wash the sand from his whip torn flesh and he grasps on to the table with his hands til his knuckles turn white for the pain of the sand that was imbedded in his whippings

[20:15] Crito Galtier looked up to the balcony trying to catch Domina's eye. She seemed occupied with guests and probably wouldn't notice him. He starred a moment before helping the fallen men to their feet. Looking down at his now blood stained hands he shook his head. 'So avoidable' he thought. He also knew the stubbornness the men possessed. He too was in their place many years ago. He watched as they hobbled into the medicus' office then he turned and walked to his cell. ((good night everyone!))

[20:16] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) smiles and nods, "aye, my husband did inform me of the rental, i had thought he worked it out with you, does" she ponders a moment of the girl before continuing, "500 dinarii work for you good Oracle" she inquires softly herself, but all while talking to the Oracle, she watches Crito and how he tends to Germanicus, hears his words to medicus and ponders that situation closely.

[20:24] ?????? (serenemcdouglas) smiles, satisfied with the price of the rental. Thinking though of a more permanant nature she nods, "perfectly reasonable, Lanista, though I had wondered a thing, I should very much like to purchase ownership of a slave in future, should one become available. My needs being what they are", she gestures to her blank, grey eyes, "I would wish for a soft spoken slave, one unafraid to be in the constant company of one such as myself. One that would have no regrets of belonging to one of purity", she says softly, her head tilting downwards slightly as her other hand falls to her lap

[20:30] Valeria Arillius (filipa.thespian) smiles, nodding to the Oracle, "indeed good Oracle, then we have an accord" with that, she rises, "forgive me, but i have been traveling, and returned this eve to deal with what you witnessed, i am so very tired good Oracle, i must seek out my bed and wrap myself aorund my husband and join him in that place where nothing but joy resides" she smiles, thinking so fondly of her nights with her husband.

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