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Author Topic: First exchange with a Pontifex of Roma  

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[08:05]  Aurelia (baby.belavidorico) peers out the doorway when she hears steps "Greetings Sir....?" she says

[08:06]  Delta Lacombe taps his fingers on the open door, entering the jewelers shop. He nods a quick greeting to the woman present, before approaching a display table, eyes glancing over the items. "Ave," he says, looking around the shop once more. "I take it you're the shop keeper here?"

[08:08]  Aurelia (baby.belavidorico) gives a sharp look to the slave, waving her off to go clean up the back room, as she smooths her skirts, her eyes looking over the man appraisingly, as if determining whether he may actually bring her business. She bristles a bit at the "shopkeeper" reference, then remembers that thanks to the old sot, she has been relegated to such, at least until he does the kindness of dying... She smiles pleasantly to the man "I am Aurelia, this is my family's business, yes...and you are?"

[08:12]  Delta Lacombe leans down, picking up a nearby necklace. He drapes the string of gold over his fingers, examining it with a curious eye, though quite frankly unaware of what features he should be appraising. He brushes his free hand through his hair, releasing a slight, barely audible sigh, as he returns the necklace to the display table. "I am TItus, a Pontifex from Roma. I am passing through this city, on a journey to Alexandria, in Egypt. I thought I might bring something, a present for their newly coronated queen," he explains. "A teenager, by the name of Cleo-..., something or other," he adds absentmindedly. "I have been told that she has a very discerning taste."

[08:16]  Aurelia (baby.belavidorico) watches the man with the shrewd mistrustful eyes of her mother, although she would be loath to admit any resemblance. The abacus in her mind keeps ticking up as the man continues to speak. Her smile begins to develop something almost approaching warmth as she hears "present for a queen". Eyes glittering, she nods "Well of course it must be something quite unique, Sir....nothing to be found around the neck of some little no one from the country...." She takes in a breath "I daresay, it ought to be something reflecting the wisdom of a queen...perhaps a gilt and inlaid box for holding her most valuable scrolls?"

[08:22]  Delta Lacombe raises an eyebrow at the shopkeeper's suggestion, scratching an itch on his leg as he contemplated the idea. "A box for her scrolls. I do hope it will not encourage her to excel in her education," he says with a laugh. "Kingdoms run much more efficiently when kings and queens leave the ruling to their court and bureaucrats," he adds with a quick wink. He waves his hand slowly, "show me these boxes, then."

[08:26]  Aurelia (baby.belavidorico) pauses, as she sees the eyebrow lift, then feels her own eyes drawn to his hand as he scratches himself. Blazes, these travellers picked up all manner of vermin on the roads from the common folk in the inns...she stiffens a little then snaps her fingers and calls in a clipped voice for the slave to bring cool water. She smiles at the man, as she tries to work her best angle. "I should be happy to show you the stock on hand, Sir, however...if you have a bit more time..." She pauses "And of course if the budget is suiting a royal gift...do you not think it would be fitting to commission a particularly fine and unique piece? I am sure I can arrange something expedited." She smiles more broadly then at him. Oh yes, for a fee, she could manage almost anything

[08:33]  Delta Lacombe releases a weary sigh at the woman's suggestion, running a hand slowly through his thick, tangled hair. "A custom commission? An intriguing idea, to be sure, but such things take time," he says, almost with a moan. "My men and I are eager to depart, and be on our way. Waiting for a small box to be constructed hardly seems to be reason enough for us to remain in this town." He pauses for a moment, eyes narrowing as a slight smile creeps onto his face. "Unless you might be able to think of another reason we should spend a night or two in your town."

[08:41]  Aurelia (baby.belavidorico) tenses as she sees the signs of reluctance, but holds her tongue and her expression of warmth even as she calculates how to manage this one. She listens, nodding,her expression inscrutable, until the eyes narrow and she sees that smile. She stiffens a bit. No doubt the man expects her to throw in a feast with the company of those whores from the Lupinaria. She sniffs. Damned Celsus ought be dealing with such things, it was beneath a woman of good family to deal in such matters. In truth she would not know where to begin, being so newly resettled here. She steadies herself with a slow breath and renewed fortitude. "Well Sir, no box for a queen, is merely a box....." she lets her voice trail off, then shrugs, weighing her options "I suppose I could have something refined enough for you within 24 hours....perhaps you would wish one of my stock items to be personalised, this can be arranged." She glares toward the back room. Damned lazy slave....then she leads him to a case and begins to remove small caskets

[08:41]  Aurelia (baby.belavidorico):  of silver, bronze...and finally one of silver and gold inlaid with stones. She looks up at him, hell if she would be lowered to speak of the Lupinaria, the man could stick to business

[08:49]  Delta Lacombe leans over the display case, studying each box curiously. He purses his lips slightly, before giving a very small shake of his head. "Perhaps my eyes lack some refinement, but these boxes themselves do not seem overly remarkable. Although I suppose that would be the reason for the custom personalizations you would arrange." He takes a step back, scraping his foot along the shop floor, clearing caked mud from his sole. "Perhaps I will continue on to Capua. Surely a merchant there would have the same boxes, and offer similar modifications. And while I wait, I could seek entertainment with their gladiators," he adds with a smile, his mood brightening. "I have heard tales of their ludus, even in Roma."

[08:55]  Aurelia (baby.belavidorico) feels her heart sink at the man's response, seeing she has not made a sale. She feels her nose twitch, then takes a little breath to quiet her nerves as she hears her wares discussed so dismissively. Her eyes are drawn to his foot as he spreads mud over the floors. Well that is another task the lazy chit of a slave can dally over, she thinks with irritation, as her hand goes to rub her neck. His mention of his desired entertainment drains the light but her eyes. Damn but if she isn't looking at just another version of her miserable husband, if younger, not as dissipated, and with more hair. She sighs, her eyes feeling suddenly tired as she gives him a less enthusiastic smile, her small hands quickly and carefully placing the casks back into the safety of her case. "I am sure you can find something in Capua, if not of the calibre one might find from artisans here...." Her eyes glitter at him then she folds her hands before her, closing her argument. "I realise without proper planning, one must accept what

[08:55]  Aurelia (baby.belavidorico): ever might be bought quickly, Sir. I wish you luck in Capua"

[09:04]  Delta Lacombe nods slowly, turning away from the shop keeper to casually glance over the displays once more. "Your words are very true. The Pontifex Maximus blesses me with a fortune to spend on gifts for the young queen, but barely any time to acquire them." He laughs loudly, toying with a small broach on the table before turning back to the woman. "Perhaps I will just have to shower her with the cases of gold," he says, amused by his own joke. "Some women do enjoy purchasing their own gifts, I believe." He turns towards the door, placing his hand on the frame for a moment. "I will be in the temple for a short while, should you arrive at any new ideas. Vale, shop keep."

[09:11]  Aurelia (baby.belavidorico) stiffens irritated by the man's arrogance, her eyes shoot shards of glacial coolness at his back as he toys with her jewels then laughs that irritating laugh. Shopkeep! She bristles anew as she hears the word, her chin lifting as she shrugs with seeming nonchalance at the man. "I shall be closing ere long, Sir. Should the gods provide you with any wisdom, I shall open again at the break of dawn." And with that, she turns to the cabinet, removing again then polishing the silver-gilt box, her fingertips stroking over the fine carving of the Eros scene, then sliding over the delicate stonework inlays. She mumbles something under her breath, giving an exhale, and damning this man along with Celsus for reducing her to this.

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